Ring Stick Up Cam Pro review: level up your home security

Advanced radar detection and superb video quality from this indoor or outdoor camera from Ring helps elevate home security

Ring Stick Up Cam Pro review
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The Ring Stick Up Cam Pro will level up the home security of any user thanks to its versatile set of features such as radar-based 3D Motion Detection and top-notch video quality. A great choice for anyone in need of an easy-to-use camera, be it for indoor or outdoor surveillance.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Radar-powered 3D Motion Detection for accurate alerts

  • +

    High-quality 1080p HDR video

  • +

    Colour night vision

  • +

    Long battery life with optional solar support

  • +

    Fast and reliable performance

  • +

    Weatherproof design suitable for indoor and outdoor use

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Pricey compared to some competitors

  • -

    Subscription required for features and video storage

  • -

    No local video storage option

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Home security is more important now than ever. According to the Office for National Statistics, a home is broken into every 106 seconds in the UK, putting the average cost of a residential burglary at just over £3,000. But it’s not just financial costs that victims of home burglaries have to bear. A break-in can be a pretty traumatising occurrence, especially if you’re at home when it happens.

Thankfully, the introduction of advanced surveillance solutions in recent years has seen us take a huge leap forward when it comes to personal safety and property monitoring. Implementing a simple security device such as a video doorbell or the best security camera and connecting it to the internet can, in many cases, be all you need to deter thieves and prevent a burglary from happening to you.

Enter the Stick Up Cam Pro, the latest device by Amazon-owned home surveillance brand Ring. This innovative cloud-connected security camera is equipped with cutting-edge radar technology for 3D Motion Detection, alongside a unique Bird's Eye View feature, setting new benchmarks in the industry. And with a rugged design, it can be installed either indoors or out while boasting the option for both battery and plug-in power sources to cater to all types of users.

But does this camera’s performance live up to its impressive spec list? I’ve been using the device for the past month to find out.

Ring Stick Up Cam Pro review: Price and Availability

The Ring Stick Up Cam Pro can be purchased in the US, UK, and Australia among other markets with a list price of $179.99 / £159.99 / AU$299 at the Ring store. Relatively, that positions the camera at the higher end of the security camera market, with many similar (yet not quite as feature-rich) options available for under £100.

It's important to note that to unlock the full potential of the Stick Up Cam Pro, including video storage and additional features, a Ring Protect subscription is required. This is something that you’ll have to pay ongoing so it’s worth considering this additional cost before buying the device.

In the UK, Ring Protect starts at £3.49 per month per household for the Plus version or £8 per month for the Pro version. In the USA the model is slightly different, starting at $3.99 per month for the Basic model, $10 per month for the Plus version or $20 per month for the Pro option. To see which plan covers what, check out the official Ring website.

Ring Stick Up Cam Pro review: Set-up

Setting up the Ring Stick Up Cam Pro is relatively straightforward, even if you’re a bit of a technophobe. If you’re already familiar with Ring's ecosystem, then you’ll have no problems getting the camera up and running. What’s more, you’re guided through the process with the Ring app with step-by-step, illustrated instructions, from connecting to Wi-Fi to configuring the advanced radar-based motion detection settings.

The app's interface is intuitive, making it simple to customise settings to your specific needs, right from the get-go. This ease of setup, combined with the flexibility of both battery and plug-in power options, makes the Stick Up Cam Pro a great choice for both tech-savvy users and home security novices alike.

Ring Stick Up Cam Pro review: Design

The Ring Stick Up Cam Pro boasts a design that is both aesthetically pleasing and functionally robust, which is exactly what most people need in a modern home security solution. Available in a choice of black or white, the cam’s sleek and compact form factor blends seamlessly with various home exteriors and interiors, making it an unobtrusive addition to your living quarters, wherever you put it. The camera's weatherproof casing ensures it can face the elements if needed, monitoring the comings and goings of visitors or unwanted intruders alike.

A standout element in this camera’s design is the adjustable mounting system, which means you can install the camera virtually anywhere. Whether it's affixed to a wall, mounted on a fence, or simply placed on a flat surface, it can be easily positioned to capture the desired viewing angle. Screws and wall plugs are included, too, if you need them, which is a nice touch as not all brands do this. And the nice thing here is, the app shows you how to install it yourself via a video guide, without the need for professional assistance.

However, the Stick Up Cam Pro’s design is not without its flaws. One thing I did find was that the camera is on the bulky side, which certainly feels more apparent when using it indoors. It’s quite an obtrusive thing to have sitting on a side table in your living room, and people will notice it. It could definitely be more sleek in appearance.

Another niggle I have in terms of design is how the camera lacks any form of locking mechanism to secure it onto its mount. This could potentially open it up to tampering or even theft. Although this is a relatively minor drawback, the overall design of the Stick Up Cam Pro does the trick for the most part.

Ring Stick Up Cam Pro review

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Ring Stick Up Cam Pro review: Features and performance

The Ring Stick Up Cam Pro stands out thanks to its inclusion of radar-powered 3D Motion Detection tech - a feature that propels the device into a league of its own. This radar system accurately detects motion within a customisable range, reducing false alarms by focusing on activities you want to be alerted to and ignoring any irrelevant movement. This precision in detection works super well and is a bit of a game-changer, since it means homeowners receive alerts that matter, without the clutter of unnecessary notifications.

Complementing the 3D Motion Detection is the Bird's Eye View function, which offers an aerial perspective of the movement in and around your property. By integrating radar data with satellite imagery, this feature provides an overarching view of an intruder's path, offering insights into potential security breaches that traditional cameras might miss. The level of detail in this feature is not only super useful but helps to offer peace of mind, too.

The Stick Up Cam Pro’s video quality is equally impressive. Equipped with a 1080p HDR sensor, the camera offers up clear and crisp images, ensuring that all details are captured with accuracy. The inclusion of colour night vision is also worthy of note since it provides reliable footage even in low-light conditions. Having continuous surveillance of your home in this level of quality, around the clock, is what really sets this camera apart from its competitors.

Ring Stick Up Cam Pro review

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The Stick Up Cam Pro comes in two flavours: the battery version for wireless operation, or a plug-in model. Both cost the same, so it just depends on how you’re going to use it and where. 

For the battery version, I found that the Stick Up Cam Pro could keep itself powered for a decent run without needing frequent recharges, lasting a full month on one battery (there’s space inside for a second, which can be purchased separately if needed). There’s also a more expensive solar-powered option for those who want to save on electricity and live in a particularly sunny country. But, if I were you, I’d play it safe and go with the plug-in model, meaning you don’t have to ensured it’s charged before heading away on holiday, etc.

Downsides? There’s no local video storage option, instead, users have to subscribe to Ring’s Protect cloud storage plan, which is an additional cost per month.

Ring Stick Up Cam Pro review

(Image credit: Lee Bell / T3)

Ring Stick Up Cam Pro review: verdict

I really enjoyed using the Ring Stick Up Cam Pro and found that it leveled up my home security, especially with its versatile features and video quality. Its motion detection, colour night vision, design and battery life is exceedingly brilliant, and its feature-set is expansion... although a lot of the best security measures are behind a paywall.

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