Olight Baton 3 torch review: reliable light with wireless charger included

Pack a pocket torch wherever you roam with the small but powerful Olight Baton 3 flashlight, which comes with its own portable wireless charger

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Olight Baton 3 torch review
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There’s an impressive amount of light packed into the small but mighty (and mighty tough) Olight Baton 3 torch, which also boasts a long battery life thanks to its wireless charger. One of our top picks of the pocket-sized torch pack.

Reasons to buy
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    Wireless charger

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    Long battery life

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    Super bright max setting

Reasons to avoid
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    There are more casual options for far cheaper

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A pocket flashlight you can charge on the go, the Olite Baton 3, packs a serious punch for its size. It's doesn't come cheap though, with an RRP of £99.95. So how does it compare to the other picks in our best torch guide? Read on for our full Olite Baton 3 torch review.

Olight Baton 3 torch review: design and features

The clever Olight Baton 3 is a small pocket torch, but it packs a punch – its max setting of a massive 1,200 lumens makes this flashlight bright enough for nigh-on any use, including for professionals, illuminating up to 166 metres in its beam. The Olight is also surprisingly adventure-proof despite its simple looks, and can be dropped, chucked about in your backpack and even submerged in water. A clip makes it easy to pop the torch on your belt, and a magnetic bottom to the torch is brilliant for attaching it to metal surfaces in a workshop or garage. We also like that the Baton 3 comes in a cheery red or blue colourway as well as traditional black. 

What stands the Olight out from the pack (and from other, cheaper versions of the Olight) is that it comes complete with a wireless charger – just pop the torch into it on the go for a full recharge in an hour.

Olight Baton 3 torch review

(Image credit: Olight)

Olight Baton 3 torch review: performance

The body of the Baton looks, frankly, too small to be comfortable to hold, but does actually well in the palm of the hand, and an anti-grip outer body makes it still easier to carry. The dinky size comes into its own when you’re out and about – pop the torch in a pocket or in a rucksack and you’ll barely know it’s there. While it is a little annoying to have to carry two separate parts in order to charge the torch, the charger is also slim and pocket-friendly, and looks and feels like a flat lighter, so it’s still easy to bring along on lightweight wild camping trips or in a pocket on work trips, as well as for storing at home. 

Olight Baton 3 torch review

(Image credit: Olight)

The Baton 3 boasts a massive runtime of 94 days when used with the wireless charger – while we weren’t able to test it out to its limit, we did find it took two weeks of camping, night walks and daily use under its belt before it needed another charge. The included wireless charger offers 3.7 recharges, and is recharged itself back at home using a USB cable. This means you can roam far and wide with this flashlight and recharge it on the go, even if you’re far from a plug socket. 

Olight Baton 3 torch review: verdict

If you’re after one pocket-sized flashlight to rule them all, the Olight Baton 3 might just be it. A dinky size and a surprisingly tough and waterproof outer body pack in a very bright light that can easily be recharged wherever you roam – this is a great quality, thoughtfully designed flashlight, perfect if you want to invest in something decent for regular use.

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