Galvin Green Albert Waterproof Jacket review: a pro jacket not just for pros

The Galvin Green Albert Waterproof Jacket is a premium jacket, but you’ll see where that extra money goes

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Galvin Green Albert Waterproof Jacket review
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The Albert is a typical Galvin Green offering in that it delivers premium performance combined with a great look. The Albert gives you full protection from the worst weather without restricting your ability to swing the club and is without doubt one of the best waterproof golf jackets money can buy.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Super Lightweight

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    Perfect blend of performance and style

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    Four good sized pockets

Reasons to avoid
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    Premium Price Tag

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A decent waterproof golf jacket is pretty much an essential piece of kit. And if you need a new one, look no further than the Galvin Green Albert Waterproof Jacket. I love this jacket, and the only reason I can come up with why you shouldn't buy it is if your budget doesn't stretch to the lofty price tag it carries. If you can afford it, trust me, it's money well spent, as I will explain in this review.  

The best waterproof jackets for golfing are one of those golfing essentials that, if you're anything like me, you don't really enjoy spending money on as there isn't anything exciting about buying a new set of waterproofs. They're just something you need to have rather than look forward to buying. When treating yourself to new golf gear, you want to buy cool things, like the best GPS golf watch or a gadget like the Garmin Approach Z82 laser range finder. Waterproofs don't get the pulse racing, but they are necessary, especially if you are not fortunate enough to live in a warm country.

When golfing in the UK, waterproofs are as essential to a successful round as having the best driver or the best golf balls. You can't play golf if you're soaking wet, but because of the varying temperatures, you will probably need more than one waterproof jacket. The Albert from Galvin Green is versatile enough to be used all year round, and it's greatly benefited me over the wet winter months.

Galvin Green Albert Waterproof Golf Jacket

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Galvin Green Albert Waterproof Jacket review: price and availability

The RRP of the Albert is £369 in the UK and $529 in the US. You may occasionally see them listed for considerably less but beware, as that's usually when stock is low, and the only sizes left are the uncommon ones such as small or XXXL. If you are one of those rarer sizes, then you're quids in, but the more standard sizes will be full price. Buy from American Golf in the UK for £369 or direct from Galvin Green in the US for $529.

Galvin Green Albert Waterproof Golf Jacket

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Galvin Green Albert Waterproof Jacket review: technology

The Albert is a lined full-zip golf jacket made from a 100% waterproof GORE-TEX stretch fabric that’s windproof, lightweight, and extremely breathable, making it ideal for full freedom of movement on the golf course. A lightweight mesh lining allows for a pocket of air between the body and the jacket, which is the key to maintaining your body heat on a cold day.

The jacket features velcro adjusters on the sleeve as well as on the each side of the back, which is a welcome addition as it allows you to adjust the chest width. This is particularly useful as there will be some days you might need an extra layer underneath, while on other days you may just have a polo under there. The adjusters allow you the flexibility to loosen or tighten the jacket as needed. An elasticated drawstring at the hem also helps achieve just the right fit.

Galvin Green Albert Waterproof Golf Jacket

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Galvin Green Albert Waterproof Jacket review: features

The Albert comes in five colour options. Bluebell/Black/White; Navy/Cool Grey/White; White/Navy/Orange; Navy/White/Blue; Sharkskin/Black/White.

The jacket features a lightweight inner mesh lining, Galvin Green branding on the left sleeve and back, two front hand pockets, two zippered inner chest pockets, adjustable chest width, velcro cuffs and a drawcord hem.

The design of all variations of the Albert is understated, particularly in comparison to some of the other Galvin Green offerings which can often be loud and colourful. The branding is very subtle on this jacket. It’s visible enough for people to know you’re wearing a Galvin Green but it’s not right there screaming in people’s faces.

Sizing is standard so if you’re normally a medium, then a medium will do you just fine. I can get away with a large but with a winter jacket I prefer the XL simply as it allows for an extra layer or two underneath on the coldest of days. For this review I had the Albert in XL and it was an ideal fit, even with a hoody or a 3/4 zip mid-layer underneath. It was fine with just a polo underneath too.

Galvin Green Albert Waterproof Golf Jacket

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Galvin Green Albert Waterproof Jacket review: performance

I’ve worn the jacket on the course twice and I’ve worn it at least a dozen times on freezing cold evenings at the driving range. In fact, I’ve worn it pretty much everywhere I’ve been over the last month or so, from walking the dog to going to the football. The Albert is comfortable, fashionable and it keeps out the wind and rain. You’d expect that though for the price and because it’s a Galvin Green. 

Over the course of this winter I’ve alternated between the Galvin Green Albert and the Footjoy HydroTour jacket. The Footjoy jacket offers similar quality to the Albert at a lower price point, although it is not quite as versatile and you won’t want to wear it in June or July as you’ll be too warm. In cold and wet conditions though both are truly outstanding. Where the Galvin Green Albert has an edge is that you could wear it in a summer shower without it being too uncomfortable and sticky.

The first time out on the course with this jacket it was a sunny but freezing December morning on a Southport links. At this time of the year Southport is almost always cold and windy and this was no exception. That wind coming off the Irish Sea can often be bitterly cold so you need to protect yourself from it if you’re going to be out on the course for four hours. 

Galvin Green Albert Waterproof Golf Jacket

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You need to strike the right balance between warmth and comfort though. Personally I find it really difficult to swing the club if I have too many layers, so I had a t-shirt on under a mid layer, and I went with the Albert jacket on top. I was a little concerned as to whether that would be enough given how cold it was but the jacket did exactly what it was supposed to. The temperature wasn’t a problem and there was no issue with freedom of movement either. Far from it in fact. It’s so easy to swing the club while wearing this jacket and several driving range sessions since have further validated this.

Where it really comes into its own though is in the rain. Not a drop is getting through and all it takes is a quick wipe with a towel and you can jump in your car without even taking it off. It isn’t overloaded with pockets but it has enough to suit my needs, with the inner chest pockets a real bonus as during a downpour I kept my phone in there rather than attached to my trolley where I usually have it. 

Another thing that really stands out about this jacket is that you can stuff it into your golf bag and it will still look great when you take it out. It doesn’t look crumpled or creased, which has been an issue with some waterproofs I’ve used.

Galvin Green Albert Waterproof Jacket review: verdict

Galvin Green are arguably the best around when it comes to golf waterproofs. You know you’re getting a high-quality product, and the Albert certainly lives up to the brand’s reputation. You’ll stay warm and dry in the winter, and you won’t overheat in the summer. The jacket looks stylish, and the branding is visible without being too in your face. It’s two big thumbs up from me.  

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