Braun Series 9 Pro shaver review

Is the S9 Pro really the most innovative electric shaver on the market? Our Braun Series 9 Pro review reveals all…

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Braun Series 9 Pro shaver review
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A super smart and impressive electric shaver that keeps irritation and ingrown hairs to a minimum while being easy and pleasant to use throughout the entire process, from charging to shaving to cleaning.

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    Powerful close shaving

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    Easy to use

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    Great battery life

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    Super smart cleaning dock

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    Innovative and practical PowerCase

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It had been a while since Braun introduced a new model to its most premium electric shaver range, the Series 9. With a fresh edition long overdue, the market (and T3's best electric shaver guide) had been waiting since 2016 for an update and was expecting to see something completely new, such as a Series 10. Instead, the Series 9 Pro (or S9 Pro) landed in late 2021, which - despite the name - was still a complete overhaul on its predecessor, boasting plenty of innovative design upgrades. 

It’s not surprising then that Braun calls the Series 9 Pro its “most advanced shaver yet”. With an innovative new shaving head comprising five shaving elements, an all-new ProLift trimmer designed to gently cut tough hairs and Sonic Technology, which helps gently capture more hair thanks to 10,000 micro-vibrations, we’d be inclined to agree. 

Of course, we’re not going to say for sure how good this shaver is until we’ve put it through its paces. And that’s exactly what we’ve done. Without any further delay, here’s our review of the Braun Series 9 Pro electric shaver.

Braun Series 9 Pro shaver review

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Braun Series 9 Pro Shaver Review: Price And Availability

The Braun Series 9 Pro shaver hit the market in October 2021 and is available to buy now with an eye-watering RRP of £509.99. However, a quick google and you’re likely to find it on popular web retailers for a much more accessible price. On Amazon, for example, the top-spec model sells (at the time of writing) for just £259.99. Yes, it’s still not exactly cheap but you’re getting a lot of tech for your money with this shaver, especially compared to what else is on the market right now.

What you get in the box depends on which model you opt for. The all-singing, all-dancing edition that we are reviewing (model 9477cc) ships with: the S9 Pro electric shaver, a PowerCase, SmartCare charging base and cartridge cleaning dock, cleaning cartridge, cleaning brush, smart plug and user manual. 

Braun Series 9 Pro shaver review

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Braun Series 9 Pro Shaver Review: Design

The Series 9 Pro shaver boasts what is probably our favourite electric shaver design yet. The contrast between the chrome and black accent lines and digital battery indicator display hits the perfect balance of feeling premium and stylish while being high-tech but still very practical.

Naturally, design is not just about aesthetics, though. While the shaver sports a sleek and desirable appearance, the S9 Pro is also super ergonomic, making it a pleasure to hold and control as it moves with ease around your face following the contours of your skin (more about this in the performance section). 

Another great design feature you’ll find on the S9 Pro is that it’s completely waterproof, so you can shave with foam, gel, or even under the shower for a more conventional shaving experience, which also happens to be more efficient. 

The best thing about the top-of-the-range S9 Pro model is that it comes with a really innovative travel pouch called a PowerCase. With a hard shell and power indicator, this clever contraption is able to charge the shaver while you’re on the go to give you 50% more battery runtime. We wish all shavers came with a travel case like this! Although it’s probably not necessary if you don’t travel often.

The Braun S9 Pro also comes bundled with a 5-in-1 SmartCare Center, which is essentially a docking station for the shaver that allows you to intelligently select a necessary cleaning program at the touch of a button while it automatically charges, lubricates and then dries the shaver. It’s remarkable technology like this that we think justifies the higher price point.

Braun Series 9 Pro shaver review

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Braun Series 9 Pro Shaver Review: Performance

While the design of the Series 9 Pro is nothing less than impressive, performance is what really matters. So how does it stack up? Pretty darn good is the answer to that question, mostly thanks to the thoughtful innovation involved, which consists of different features that work together effortlessly to deliver some great results.  

Take the shaver head, for instance, which consists of five shaving elements, including something Braun calls its ProLift Trimmer tech, which lifts hair as it cuts it to ensure even flat stubble is transformed into the closes shave possible. Braun says the S9 Pro’s foils are able to cut hairs below 0.05mm. While it’s impossible to measure this in real life, we can confirm results are brilliant to say the least, being the closest to what a razor can do than we’ve ever seen with an electric shaver. 

This is achieved no matter how long your stubble is, as the S9 Pro uses sensors to detect how dense your beard is and adjusts itself accordingly as you glide the shaver head along.

It even works on more dense beards. 

Cleaning the shaver after use is a doddle, too, thanks to the SmartCare Centre we mentioned earlier. This works well, keeping the blade super clean and less likely to blunt, while also getting rid of any stubble residue. Although it is worth noting that you will need to replace the Cleaning Centre refill cartridges once they get dirty, which is usually about every three months. A pack of three is about £15, so they aren’t cheap but they’re not crazy expensive, either. 

When it comes to battery life, the Braun Series 9 Pro has around a 60-minute run time per charge, which will give you about 12 uses per charge although this, of course, depends on how long it takes you to shave and how long you leave your beard between shaves. If you’re shaving every other day, the battery is going to last about a month before it needs re-juicing, which is plenty in our opinion. You’re always made aware of the battery level with the indicator on the front of the device anyway, which is pretty handy. 

Braun Series 9 Pro shaver review

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Braun Series 9 Pro Shaver Review: Verdict

The Braun Series 9 Pro is easily one of the best electric shavers on the market. 

Yes, it’s a pretty pricey bit of kit, but if a close shave with minimal irritation is what you’re looking for and you’re willing to pay anything to get it, then look no further. This device is well designed, sleek and premium feeling but, best of all, has excellent performance to back it up. The bundled cleaning dock, protective charging case and the shaver’s long list of innovative features all make the S9 Pro a worthy purchase for anyone looking to stay well-groomed and beard-free.

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