WD My Cloud wireless external hard drive launched

Lets you create your own personal cloud

The idea of saving files to the cloud is nothing new, Western Digital's My Cloud offers something a little different though by letting you creating your own

WD has unveiled the MyCloud, a personal cloud storage device that lets you wirelessly back-up and access data via your computer, laptop, tablet and of course smartphone.

Essentially a wireless hard drive the My Cloud lets you save files to it and then remotely access those files as though you were using a cloud storage system like Dropbox or SkyDrive except you actually own the physical storage yourself.

WD hopes this will be the clincher that wins over customers, not only does MyCloud use 128-bit encryption but you'll only have one payment to make, once you've bought the hard drive you won't have to pay any monthly fees, directly competing with current cloud storage providers.

Essentially a mini computer in its own right the My Cloud features a dual-core processor to handle huge data transfers and comes with the latest USB 3.0 standard making it what WD is calling 'futureproof'.

Once connected to your home or work internet the My Cloud can then be accessed from the iOS or Android app for iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones and tablets. From there you can view files, download them or email them without having to download the file onto the device, making it especially useful if you often send large amounts of media.

My Cloud is also a compatible Media Server with the Sony PS3, Xbox 360 and comes with iTunes Server support so you can stream all the content from the hard drive straight to your laptop or HDTV via the games console.

Speaking to T3 and other assorted press at a launch this morning WD's Director of Marketing Chris Bull explained why WD feels My Cloud is a better solution over Dropbox saying, "These cloud servers have some challenges, they're not per fect, a lot of people worry about security"

To encourage people to move over WD will be offering full integration with Dropbox, SkyDrive and Google Drive which means you can connect those accounts to the My Cloud app and move content between the two.

Available now the 2TB My Cloud will set you back £129.99 whilst a 3TB version costs £159.99, for those who want even more storage WD has confirmed that a 4TB model will be launching in November.