Watch out Windows, Chromebook numbers are up 275%

New report shows massive growth in Chromebook sales over the last year

What can you do on a Chromebook?
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It’s perhaps no surprise that sales of PCs have grown since the start of 2020, as much of the world shifted to remote working, but shipments of Chromebooks have outstripped all others, with a massive 275% increase, year on year.

Compared to the shipment of desktops, tablets and non-Chromebook notebooks, the growth is gigantic. The appeal of smaller and cheaper devices, with longer battery lives, makes Chromebooks the perfect home machine.

According to the research by Canalys, HP remains the biggest brand for Chromebooks, with models such as the HP Chromebook 14, Chromebook 11 and the HP Pro c640 Chromebook leading the charge. This has resulted in shipments of over 4,300 units in the first quarter of 2021 – a 633.7% growth for the company.

Canalys research on PC sales 2020 to 2021

Chromebook shipments outstrip the rest of the market

(Image credit: Canalys)

HP was not the biggest grower though. That honor comes down to Samsung, who took its market share from just 1.6% at the start of 2020 to 10% during the same period in 2021 – an annual growth in shipments of over 2,230%.

Samsung’s latest model, the Galaxy Chromebook 2 looks to continue the growth. However, Samsung’s new partnership with Intel and Microsoft has seen a refocusing on Windows-based notebooks, like the Galaxy Book Pro.

In fact, Samsung’s growth in the whole computer market has outstripped the competition. While the market as a whole grew 53.1%, Samsung grew 80.4% – Its market share now closing in on that of Dell’s.

Despite this growth, Chromebook sales are still a fraction of those from tablets or other notebooks. The common PC isn’t dead yet, but the shift is significant. The upcoming Windows 10X and Intel’s EVO platform will make PCs more adaptable and mobile-friendly. However, only time will tell if it’s enough to keep Chrome at bay.

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