Want a cheap Fitbit or Garmin? Get this Polar Vantage M deal instead

Another surprise retailer entry for this week

cheap polar vantage m deal cheap running watch
(Image credit: Polar)

This week is all about finding deals in unusual places. Like this cheap Polar Vantage M deal at the one and only Halfords! The Polar Vantage M is a capable multi-sport watch and now it is also in the sub-£200 price category, making this an irresistible deal.

• Buy Polar Vantage M GPS multi-sport watch (Black) at Halfords for £199.39, was £249.00, you save £49.61 – 20%

Not quite as deep of a discount as how we expect  Black Friday deals to be, but nevertheless, it is a very good price for a Vantage M. And who knows, this version might not even be discounted on Black Friday, so why risk waiting around for another two months when you can bag a great discount today?

Polar Vantage M GPS multi-sport watch, Black | Sale price £199.39 | Was £249 | Save £49.61 (20%)
With up to 30 hours battery time, you don't have to worry about the Polar Vantage M will suddenly dying on you. Weighing a mere 45 grams, this lightweight multi-sport watch won't add any extra weight to carry on your exercising sessions, yet it will track them with great precision. Over 130 sports profiles to choose from, you can make sure the Polar Vantage M tracks any and all the sports you can ever think of doing now and in the future.View Deal

Why you should buy the Polar Vantage M GPS multi-sport watch

The Polar Vantage M is a versatile multi-sport watch that tracks more type of exercises that you ever care to try out.

It also feeds all data into the Polar Flow app where you can analyse your performance even further.

The Polar Vantage M tracks heart rate on your wrist and therefore has its limitations, but monitoring performance on your wrist is still accurate enough for most, even if you are doing a half marathon training.

If you are a keen swimmer, the Polar Vantage M should definitely be the choice of sport smartwatch for you: advanced metrics include cardio load, pace and distance based on pool length and boosted GPS in open water, stroke rate, SWOLF and swimming style.

We don;t know how long this special offer will last, better check it out today!

• Buy Polar Vantage M GPS multi-sport watch (Black) at Halfords for £199.39, was £249.00, you save £49.61 – 20%

The Polar Vantage M will track your efforts precisely, no matter what your chosen sport is

(Image credit: Polar)