Volkswagen unveils new T-ROC concept car with tablet interface

Futuristic SUV revealed at Geneva Motor Show

Volkswagen's new T-ROC concept looks like a discarded extra from the Tron film, and rightly so as it comes with a detachable tablet

Volkswagen has unveiled the T-ROC SUV concept at the Geneva Motor Show 2014, the T-ROC uses a portable tablet as the main user interface to the car's media centre.

Designed as a smaller Jeep-style SUV the T-ROC goes for a more traditional form of engine by using a 184bhp turbo-diesel engine that packs some serious punch with 350nm of torque.

To prove just how versatile the car is the T-ROC comes with three driving modes: 'Street', 'Offroad' and 'Snow'. Activated using the gear shift the car then adjusts the 4MOTION all-wheel drive system to match the terrain.

Of course the main talking point is the technology inside the car, with three large high-resolution displays dominating the interior. First up is the detachable tablet that also acts as the main media interface for the car.

Securely locked into the dashboard when driving the HD display lets you customise the infotainment system completely with gesture control letting you flick through menus with ease.

The second, behind the wheel, shows a digital speedometer and rev counter with contextual info then shown inbetween.

Finally there's a smaller AMOLED touch screen display just above the gear shift which lets you adjust the climate control for each part of your body so when you have the roof off you'll only be heating/cooling the parts of you that need it.

Whilst the T-ROC is very clearly a concept what it does show is a statement of intent by VW to start rolling out completely digital car media systems across the range with its current range already supporting MirrorLink.

Thomas Tamblyn

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