Upright Go Black Friday deal, get better posture for only £49.99

Get healthy for Black Friday

Upright Go is a posture training device that can build and strengthen muscle in just 2-3 weeks. And guess what, they've got a pretty juicy Black Friday deal currently going on!

You can purchase Upright Go on Amazon for just £49.99, saving £30 from the original £79.99 RRP.

Good posture can improve physical, social, mental and emotional wellbeing, affecting confidence, appearance, productivity and performance. So just image you're buying all of that for £50, what a bargain!

How does Upright Go work?

It's a small, unobtrusive wearable that can be worn all day on your upper back. It uses a sensor led, learning algorithmic model that detects the body’s movements, upper body position and other postural nuances. 

It emits a gentle vibration whenever you slouch, therefore prompting and training the user to sit or stand with correct upright posture. The device records your posture throughout the day via the Upright Go app and shares tips and feedback to help you improve and sustain good posture.

Sounds pretty awesome.

Pick it up from Amazon for just £49.99.

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