Teens video bending iPhone 6 Plus in UK Apple store

The dastardly duo put bend-gate to the test...very, very poorly...

Perhaps the stupidest bend-gate 'test' yet...

Two UK teenagers have destroyed an iPhone 6 Plus on Apple store premises, and have since uploaded the video to the internet.

The 15-year-olds revealed their intentions (and names and faces...) to test out whether or not the smartphone could actually bend. It did.

"We went into the Apple store, and we actually bent the iPhone 6 Plus," explains one of the teens, during the video intro.

The footage then cuts to shaky-cam style coverage of both teens taking turns at forcing the phone to bend in an unknown Apple store. Rumours suggest it may be the Norwich store.

At several points in the video, iPhone 6 Plus screen pops out from the chassis, with the phone clearly visibly bent.

What could possibly go wrong?

They then speak to an Apple employee, who explains that the bending issue is just an 'internet rumour', unaware of the now destroyed handset sitting on a nearby table.

The video is in response to the bend-gate fiasco, whereby some Apple customers reportedly complained that their iPhone 6 Plus handsets were 'warping'.

Unfortunately, this video does little to prove anything of the sort - it merely shows that if you forcibly bend aluminium...then it will indeed bend.

Contrary to this, the original reports claimed the phone was bending under normal usage, an issue which this video 'test' doesn't truly address.

As a consequence of the bend-gate controversy, Apple opened up its smartphone testing facility to the media in an effort to demonstrate the structural integrity of its smartphones.

The moral of the story? Things will bend if you apply enough force. While the warping complaints might be valid, this video makes for a very poor examiner of the issue.

We've reached out to Apple and the Norfolk Constabulary for comment regarding this incident.

Needless to say, please don't try to replicate this. It's very much illegal. If you walk into a store and destroy property, you're liable to be prosecuted.

Check out the video here, or below. We'd advise not watching if you're still waiting for an iPhone 6 Plus handset - it might be a bit painful...

Note: Both videos linked are mirrors. The original version was pulled down by the uploader.

Note 2: We've omitted names from the story.