Txtr Beagle ready to launch

New eReader set to cost less than €10

Txtr announces Beagle eReader will launch with the low retail price of €9.90

German company Txtr is launching an eReader that seems targeted at punters in the market for an eBook reade, but who still feel the Amazon's Kindle is a bit beyond their price range. The new Beagle eReader is set for release this month and it'll cost just €9.90 (although prices may differ depending on what the different 3G network providers decide).

The Beagle is powered by a pair of AAA batteries and includes 4GB of onboard storage. While it doesn't have any card slots for extra storage, it does boasts Bluetooth connectivity, which allows owners to transfer their eBook purchases to smartphones and tablets, Txtr has bundled the Beagle with an iOS app that allows users to transfer and store their eBooks on Apple devices.

The Beagle has a 5-inch E Ink display with 8-levels gray scale and 800 x 600 pixels resolution. At a weight of 128 grams, it may be the lightest eReader in the world as well as being the cheapest.