TVMan Mobility antenna launched for offline streaming

Offline, no-one can hear you stream...

The TVMan Mobility is a £69 DTV antenna that lets you stream Freeview TV to your smartphone or tablet offline.

For all the leaps and bounds in recent years, streaming content still requires an internet connection. Which, if you're out of Wi-Fi range can make it either costly or non-existant.

Enter Noovo and its new TVMan Mobility DTC antenna that promises TV streaming on your mobile or tablet without having to use the web.

Slightly larger than a packet of cigarettes and boasting all the aesthetic appeal of your average router, the TVman Mobility generates its own Wi-Fi signal to transmit the digital TV signal to your device. Although, you'll need to download the companion app to access the Freeview channels.

A built-in recording function lets you save content to an embedded SD card and you're also able to pre-schedule specific shows for record. The on-board 1850mAh battery means the TVman Mobility can also act as a portable charger if you're running short on juice.

“We are excited to launch the TVman Mobility as it's the first device to combine live TV streaming, recording, sharing, memory and power," said Jean-Christian Martin-Garrin, chairman of Noovo.

"Up until now methods to watch mobile TV require an internet connection or a costly subscription fee, so it's great we can offer consumers another solution."

The TVman Mobility is out now at Maplins and will cost you the princely sum of £69.