This £45 Sharp soundbar deal is the cheap Amazon Black Friday TV upgrade you've been looking for

This super-cheap soundbar delivers clearer sound from budget TVs using an HDMI connection – and it's super-cheap in the Amazon Black Friday deals

Sharp HT-SB110 soundbar in living room under a TV with sign saying Black Friday deals
(Image credit: Sharp)

If you got yourself a budget TV bargain, but have been looking for a similarly great-value soundbar upgrade to pair it with, this Sharp HT-SB110 offer in Amazon's Black Friday deals is a top choice. It uses HDMI ARC to draw the sound from your TV, and you can control it using your TV remote's volume control, so it doesn't make life any more complicated. 

• Sharp HT-SB110 soundbar: was £69.99, now £49.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab)

It's also slim and fairly discreet, so will sit neatly under your TV without disrupting the room in any way. But it still packs in 90W of speaker power, and will be a huge upgrade for depth and clarity of audio compared to most budget TVs. Its size makes it ideal for TVs between 40 and 50 inches – in this price range, it's the best Black Friday deal on this kind of soundbar we've seen so far.

The really crucial feature here is HDMI ARC support. TVs that have an HDMI ARC port built in can connect to the soundbar over an HDMI cable, and the TV will pass all of its audio (from any source) directly to the soundbar. You can then ignore the soundbar's included remote control if you want – the TV's volume control will change the soundbar's volume.

You also get Bluetooth streaming support here for playing music through it. And there's a simple 3.5mm aux-in, for connecting any sound-playing device to it.

The only potential downside here is that the sound is a simple 2.0 stereo configuration, meaning that it's not design to deliver much in the way of bass. Lots of people won't mind this – it will still do its job of making sound feel fuller (and dialogue clearer) in movies. But if you love to have a bit of thump in action films, take a look at the £74 Sharp HT-SBW182 just below!

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Sharp HT-SB110 soundbar: was £69.99, now £44.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
This stereo soundbar delivers 90W of speaker power, adding lots of extra width and range compared to what a budget TV's speakers can create – and improving dialogue clarity at the same time. It connects over HDMI ARC for a simple setup that takes seconds, and also features Bluetooth for music streaming. At 36% off, it's a great buy for those with budget 40- to 50-inch TVs.

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Sharp HT-SBW182 soundbar with subwoofer: was £109, now £74 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
This soundbar with wireless subwoofer delivers 160W of punchy and powerful upgrade for cheaper TVs. It connects over HDMI ARC, so is super simple to get up and running. You'll get clearer speech, more dynamic sound, and big bass for action – plus there's Bluetooth for streaming music to it. And you'll get all this at 33% off!

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