This is how the new iPhone could replace your passport

Never carry ID again? Yes please

iPhone X

The new iPhone could replace your passport. It's a bold statement but one that Apple is considering making a reality and, in fact, could even mean your current iPhone also does the job of acting as your international ID.

Using an iPhone as your passport ID could be a brilliant way to make travel far easier. No more hassle of carrying multiple ID forms, and if you're in one of those countries where a passport is needed at all times, it saves you carrying it about with you. At least this seems to be the logic behind Apple's planning.

Unfortunately it's just planning at this stage. A patent is what has revealed Apple's passport iPhone ID plan, which explains how RFID or NFC could be used to store passport ID information. This would allow the iPhone to act like a current ePassport, only this would also add a layer of biometric security.

The problem with this seemingly perfect solution to passport woes? Legislation, of course. This would require Apple to work with governments across the globe to change an old system which you'll know, if you've ever queued to get a new passport, is not forward thinking. Still, we can hope.