At last, a box that turns your barbecue into a pizza oven!

One BBQ quattro formaggi coming up. Or is that too cheesey?

If you ever looked at your BBQ and thought “scorching meat on this is all well and good, but right now I fancy a pizza," then your prayers have been answered.

The BakerStone Oven Box is a portable, al fresco dining accessory allows you to cook perfect pizzas in 2-4 minutes. Not only does it produce artisan style Italian snacks, it can also be used to bake breads and cookies, roast meats, vegetables and cook fish.

The Oven Box was invented after a number of prototypesby American Tim Case, who said he was “frustrated by the poor quality local pizza on offer."

It uses the heat from the barbie to raise the temperature of the unit to that of a traditional wood burning pizza oven - that's between 350 and 400°C. You just bung it on top and leave it to reach the desired temperature (shown on a built-in temperature dial). Once hot enough, your hand-assembled pizza can be placed on the cordierite pizza stone until cooked, via a scientifically-proven combination of convective, conductive and radiant heat.

The Oven Box is available in two sizes, Basic for 12-inch pizzas (£99.99) and Original for 14-inchers (£129.99).