These Apple Watch models are the best for accurate fitness tracking

A host of newer Apple Watch models don't rely on an iPhone for GPS tracking

Apple Watch Ultra
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Since it was launched, the Apple Watch has always been one of the best fitness trackers on the market. The now iconic square-case design is synonymous with fitness lovers, finding favour thanks to a well designed, rugged construction, and a robust feature set.

The very first Apple Watches didn't have built-in GPS systems. Instead, they relied upon the iPhone they were paired with to track location data. However, for a few years now, the Apple Watch models have had their own built-in GPS trackers. This allowed them to operate independent of the paired iPhone when necessary – such as when you want to track a run, but don't want to carry your phone with you.

However, in a bid to conserve battery, the Watch would default back to the iPhone if it was still on your person. Now, the latest wave of Apple's wearable devices – the Apple Watch Ultra, the Apple Watch Series 8 and the Apple Watch SE 2 – enable users to utilise the additional fitness and location tracking capabilities of the Apple Watch even when they have their phone to hand.

It's great news for fitness lovers. Using the extra data from the sensors on the watch will enable more accuracy and precision in workout tracking. And, given the comparative battery efficiency of the newer models, it's impressive.

Older Apple Watch models neglected to use this design to save battery, so the fact that modern Apple Watches can handle it without breaking a sweat is a testament to the design changes that have gone on under the hood.

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