The Microsoft Surface Laptop 5 suddenly sounds less appealing

The Microsoft flagship's battery specs have leaked – and it's not what you'd expect

Microsoft Surface Laptop 4
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Just last week, we told you that Microsoft Surface laptops are getting an incredible speed boost, thanks to leaked information about the processors that will power them.

Now, WinFuture is back again, this time with details of the battery capacity for the new Microsoft Surface Laptop 5.

It's not great news for users hoping for a spec bump, as the new Surface Laptop 5 is set to feature the same 47.4wH battery as its predecessor, the Microsoft Surface Laptop 4.

It's a disappointing feature, though not one that's entirely surprising. Our review of the Surface Laptop 4 found a solid 12 hours of battery life was possible in normal conditions. It's not the best you can get, but it's more than capable of handling your daily workload.

And it's not all bad news, either. Those Alder Lake processors that the new Surface Laptop 5 is rumoured to be packing are more efficient than their predecessors. This should help to improve its capability, even with the same battery.

Microsoft Surface Laptop 5 key features

So far, we don't know a great deal about the Surface Laptop 5. As mentioned, the new Alder Lake family of Intel processors will be present and correct, specifically the i5-1235U on the base model and the i7-1255U on premium offerings.

RAM has been speculated to top out at 16GB, while up to 1TB of storage will be available. It's unclear if the rumoured new colours for the Microsoft Surface Pro 9 will also be available on the Surface Laptop 5. WinFuture had previously revealed that the Surface Pro 9 would feature two new shades, Forest and Sapphire.

An AMD version looks unlikely, at least at launch. However, speculation suggests that this would join the line-up later down the line.

All will be revealed on October 12th as the Microsoft Surface event unfolds. Alongside the expected updates to the Surface Laptop 5 and the Surface Pro 9, we could see the new Microsoft Surface Duo 3 unveiled.

Can't wait for the Microsoft Surface Laptop 5?

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