Tesco offers the cheapest 3DS deal yet at just £175

No knick-knacks, space blankets or t-shirts from Tesco

Tesco slashes prices of the 3DS to draw in the crowds at midnight tonight.

Tesco has become the last minute wildcard to the 3DS price wars with selected stores opening at midnightto offer the next-dimensional gaming handheld at an unrivalled £175.

Dixons was previously the best bet if you were looking to shave a few pounds off the retail price with the first 150 customers being treated to a special price of £179. Tesco's announcement, however,puts a spanner in the works for other retailers who may have to rethink their strategy in order to compete with the attention-grabbing price.

As with most deals, however,Tesco's offer is a little too good to be true. To qualify for the low price you also have to buy a 3DS game - but surely you were going to do that anyway? This small print makes the deal fairly similar in value to Asda's deal of £187 plus a £15 game.

Those looking to get a cheap deal on the 3DS will be able to pick one up from selected Tesco stores from midnight tonight. It will be interesting to see whether or not other UK retailers will match this aggressive price drop.

However, if you're one of those who will treasure the memories of being present at the "biggest UK console release" ever and taking home some sweet Ninty memorabilia, then head on over to our roundup of the best midnight launch offers.

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Via: TechRadar