Tech Today: Samsung Galaxy S3 leaked, Apple power struggle?

Plus: New Facebook apps coming today, RIM wants Samsung buy-out?

In Tuesday's late-breaking tech news, the long-awaited Samsung Galaxy S3 may have shown up in an official video, while iPhone software chief Scott Forstall's Apple ambitions are outed

Samsung Galaxy S3 shows up in promo vid?
Samsung's CES wrap-up video featured a mystery handset which many are speculating could be the Galaxy S3. The thinner and longer device with an edge-to-edge screen hasn't yet been identified, but it looks along the lines of what we'd expect from a sequel to the blockbuster 2011 T3 Phone of the Year. Check out the video below, at about seven minutes in, to get a look
Link: TechRadar

iOS chief Forstall is 'CEO in the waiting,' says book
A new biography chronicling life Inside Apple has hinted at a potential power struggle within the company. According to Adam Lashinsky's book, head of iPhone software Steve Forstall has "blatantly accumulated influence" at the company and "wears him ambition in plainer view." Lashinsky questions whether Forstall will be happy to remain a support player to CEO Tim Cook.
Link: Forbes

Is RIM looking to sell to Samsung?
Reports on Tuesday suggested that beleaguered RIM is openly looking to court Samsung as a potential suitor. According to BGR, the company wants $12-15bn for the famed BlackBerry brand. However, Samsung has issued a statement denying it is interested in purchasing the Canadian giant.
Link: BGR

New Facebook apps coming tomorrow
Facebook is set to expand upon its Open Graph application programme tomorrow at an event in San Francisco. The company is set to release more fully integrated apps along the lines of the Spotify, Hulu and The Guardian apps outed in September. It's thought that the "watch" "listen" "read" verbs could see "cook" and "ran" added into the mix.
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Yahoo co-founder quits
Jerry Yang, who co-founded Yahoo 17 years ago has quit his position and severed all ties with the company. The 43-year-old has been facing criticism over his multiple roles at the internet giant. It is, however, believed that his decision to leave is his own.
Link: WSJ