Take a walk in space with NASA’s GoPro-armed astronauts

Just another day at the International Space Station..

Most of us dream of outer space, but few actually venture out into the unknown. Well now thanks to GoPro, we can see through the eyes of an astronaut in high-resolution.

NASA and GoPro have teamed up to capture breathtaking footage from the International Space Station (ISS), showing us on Earth what a normal day's work is like for an astronaut.

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The US space agency had to carry out two spacewalks back in February to help the ISS transition its docking station for use with a new generation of commercial spacecraft (like Elon Musk's SpaceX) rather than the retired space shuttle.

The spacewalks, or Extra Vehicular Activities (EVAs), were carried out by astronaut Terry Virts. Before Virts started his shift, he made sure to strap on a GoPro to give a first-person view of what is actually going on.

The result? Incredible and not to mention frightening, so far above the Earth and so far away from home.

From this evidence, the GoPro action camera should be an obligatory tool for astronauts. The footage is crystal clear and smooth, showing us what life is like 250 miles above our planet.

Check out the amazing footage below and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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