T3's top tech picks from Mobile World Congress 2016

Your trusted T3 team reveal their personal favourites from this year's MWC

Duncan Bell -Tech Lifestyle editor,T3

HTC Vive

The VR collaboration between HTC and Valve is nearly ready for market and probably is the most magical thing I've seen in recent years. The visuals are as impressive as Oculus Rift's when you're stationary, but it's the ability to move around within the virtual game worlds that makes this truly special. Shame it'll cost nearly 2 grand to experience, mind.

Sharp RoBoHon

RoBoHon works really well as as a robot – he moves fluidly, dances, recognises faces, and has an undeniable emotional appeal. Then, for reasons known only to Sharp, he can also beam videos out of the top of his head, and you can pick him up and hold him to your ear as a phone. Now THAT, LG, is what I call a winning mobile gimmick.

Spencer Hart -Lifestyle Technology Writer, T3

LG Rolling Bot

I've tested a lot of home security cameras for T3, but none quite like this little fella. The robot can roam your house while you're away, alerting you to intruders. If only LG took this one step further, and included a taser, so it could also incapacitate them.

That's not all the robot is capable of, he'll also entertain your pets. I just love the idea of have this little guy roaming around the house like an extra member of the family. Or maybe I'm being a little sentimental.

IoFit Smart Shoes

Wish you had a pair of comfortable shoes which looked good AND improved your golf swing? You're in luck! These sneaks have a smart sole, which monitor how much pressure you're putting on your feet. There's lots of uses, from analysing your running cadence to your golf swing. The really smart thing here is the app, which also record video and overlays the pressure details.

Dan Grabham -Editor, T3.com


It's not often these days that a smartphone makes us sit up and take notice. But that's what the G5 does. It really is interesting - a modular concept that enables you to take the bottom of the phone off and replace it with an accessory - the LG Hi-Fi Plus with B&O Play Hi-Res Audio DAC is naturally our favourite add on.

Sony Projector and Agent