T3 Quick Hit: Old-skool Vans get a high-tech makeover (and we love it)

Vans recieve the biggest update in years

Skate brand and pop-punk festival-sponsoring shoemaker Vans is preparing to launch a brand new series of comfy footwear in just over a week, offering one of the firm's most comfortable, versatile, and high-tech designs yet.

The UltraRange is being geared as the next evolution of the Vans brand, its slim-profile, low-top design blends premium materials, breathable textiles, and a responsive sock-fit construction that's perfect for skateboarding sessions and general wear around town.

"What if we created something that brings the look of Vans together with the functionality needed for different terrains—city streets, boardwalks, mountain paths," says Vans pro surfer Pat Gudauskas (one of the extreme sport athletes who helped design the range). 

"...Bring the element of comfortable, hearty and functional all in one shoe - it would have comfort and utility, but look like Vans no matter where you are."

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The big emphasis here is on comfort - the UltraRange is the firm's first-ever to feature co-molded midsole which merges into the outsole, which packs both UltraCush Lite foam and Vans’ original waffle rubber. The result is a brilliant mix of comfort and versatility.

Vans has also taken inspiration from Nike and Adidas with a mesh upper, making the shoe more lightweight with increased airflow and enhanced flex.

There's even a LuxLiner internal sock-fit construction for seamless comfort on the go.

Vans brand new UltraRange will be available across all Vans stores and direct from Vans.eu from 1 August 2017.