T3 Quick Hit: Bluetooth speaker meets torch meets video light with the Monster SuperStar Firecracker

IPX5 rated wireless speaker will bang out your tunes and light up your photos and videos, even in the rain

This being the summer and the big festival season, there’s never been a better time to pack up that tent and head out into the Great Outdoors. Thing is, space can be a premium when you’re carrying your home on your back, so rather than trying to fit the best flashlight and the best Bluetooth speaker into your bag, how about a device that does both?

The Monster Firecracker actually combines not two but three devices into one, as the light simulates sunlight, meaning it can work as a photo/video light. 

However, fun though all that is, the SuperStar Firecracker is foremost a speaker. 

As such, it provides a decent flow of bass and treble, ensuring your tunes get the best airing regardless of genre. And with Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity with Apt-X and a 3.5mm input you’ll be able to get said tunes direct from your phone or other device with ease.

The Monster Firecracker offers over 25 hours of use when playing music or other audio, as well as a full seven hours of illumination from its 5000K light. It's handy whether you want to find your way in the dark, or add some extra light to your photos and videos.

With a rugged design that’ll endure the outdoors with a smile on its face, the Monster Firecracker is IPX5 rated – that means it can sit on a beach, and endure summer showers, but don't try to light your way with it whilst Scuba diving.

Monster SuperStar Firecracker is €129.95 (£114.90) in red, gold and black at Monster’s official online store.

Dom Reseigh-Lincoln has been writing for T3 for over half a decade now, covering everything from mobile phones and laptops right through to video games and gaming peripherals. Purveyor of an excellent beard, as well as some perpetually cheeky offspring, Dom likes to wind down in his spare time by listening to heavy metal.