T3 Hype: best tech released last week; Vespa Electtrica, HTC Vive wireless, Leica TL and more

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T3 Hype is a weekly round-up of all the hottest tech news and releases. Rather than doing oodles of separate stories on various announcements, we'll filter them to bring you only the stuff that matters most, updating every Friday for your reading pleasure. 

This week we have new camera drones from Vespa Electtrica, HTC Vive wireless, Leica TL and more… 

Vespa Electtrica

Piaggio has taken the plunge and announced the world’s first all electric Vespa. The iconic scooter has had a futuristic upgrade that’s subtle to the look but a complete overhaul to drive.   No more buzzing about on the Vespa as the Electtrica will be near-silent as it wafts along powered by electricity. How that works, how long the range is or how it recharges all remain a mystery but it’s exciting to see this is a work in progress. Here’s hoping those blue lines are lit up just like Tron bikes. 

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 HTC Vive wireless  

HTC has announced that it will begin pre-orders for a Vive headset add-on that upgrades it to wireless. Created by a third-party, the headset upgrade uses a battery and transmitter to ditch wires while retaining the lag-free quality you’d expect from the Vive. The result should be a more immersive VR experience without the worry of cables. Sure the battery only lasts half an hour but then it keeps the headset comfortable - plus upgrades are due with bag or pocket worn batteries to extend that further, and no doubt leave the wearer looking like Borg. 

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 Leica TL  

The Leica T family now has a new member in the Leica TL. Like its siblings this is here to offer an affordable way to enjoy the wonders of Leica while staying compact and mobile too. The £1,450 Leica TL now has a hefty 32GB internal buffer memory, improved autofocus, comes in a titanium anodised finish option and, of course, works with the other lense in the range. Due to land mid-November.  

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 Timex IQ+  

Move Joining the ever more popular analogue activity tracker watches is the IQ+ Move from Timex. This wearable tracks steps, calories burned and even sleep, all sent via Bluetooth to a connected phone where the app allows for data analysis. The watch itself comes in 41mm and 37mm sizes for men and women and is waterproof to 50 metres. The price is $150 which is about £120 and it should be available in February 2017.  

 Nikon D5600 

The latest DSLR camera from Nikon is all about viewing the photo results fast. The camera itself has a built-in 3.2-inch LCD flip-out near-any-angle touchscreen but the camera also has Bluetooth for fast file transfers. Using the Bluetooth connectivity with a phone, tablet or computer the camera can send photos via the SnapBridge app. This means when you take the shot it will automatically transfer across to the connected device without you doing anything - just like a pro. The camera has a 24.2-megapixel DX-format sensor, ISO range of 100-25600 and is out on 24 November from £800 with an AF-P 18-55 lens.