T3 Awards 2020: Looking for an induction hob? The Miele KM7575FR is officially top of the pots

This Miele mega-hob delivers serious power and a large, infinitely flexible cooking space

T3 Awards 2020: Miele KM7575FR is our #1 induction hob
(Image credit: Miele)

The best induction hobs have revolutionised home cooking, and as gas prices head ever higher they become even more attractive. Our pick of the high-tech home cooking hobs until recently was the superb Miele KM6366-1, but just in time for the T3 Awards 2020 it's been replaced by the KM7575FR. And you can immediately see how much premium induction hobs have moved on in the few short years since its predecessor appeared… 

Miele KM7575FR uses its incredible power – 11kW of it – with great responsibility thanks to its intuitive touch controls. The power is spread over not four, not five but six cooking zones. All with boost and the intimidating-sounding 'TwinBooster' settings, which concentrates the power of two adjacent zones into just one.

Thanks to its massive and useful cooking area, this Miele is particularly good for larger families, or proper foodies who like to entertain and/or show off. It's easy to use, too. Just place your pans, turn on the hob and the zones with pans in turn on, and auto-detect the size of the pan to apply heat via induction safely and efficiently.

Keep warm and 'Stop & Go' functions let you leave food on the zones without it continuing to cook, but also without going cold. There are also individual timers for every zone. It's enough to make any keen chef start salivating – as well as their guests, of course.

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