T3 Agenda: Sonoro's all-in-one Stereo 2 speaker. The Audio-Technica Limited Ed ATH-MSR7 headphones. And more!

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In the final T3 Agenda of the week - bring professional sound control into the home with the Sonoro Stereo 2; Audio-Technica brings the noise with its new ATH-MSR7 headphones; and much more...

Say hello to the Stereo 2, Sonoro's new all-in-one home music system

The successor to 2015’s Stereo, the new system from audio specialist Sonoro offers elegant looks, a handcrafted build, premium audio performance and a host of technology. Tech that includes: aptX-capable Bluetooth wireless music streaming; an integrated CD player; DAB and FM radio; and even the option of smart lighting control.

The integrated amplifier drives a powerful 2.1 speaker system, featuring a built-in subwoofer to accompany the brace of full range drivers. While Bluetooth streaming means it's a synch to connect any of today's smart music devices, such as phones and tablets. Add in a CD player and FM/DAB/DAB+ and you've got one powerful all-one-setup.

The Sonoro Stereo 2 is available now in the UK, with a price tag of only £599.

Audio-Technica's ATH-MSR7 headphones get a powerful new Limited Edition run

Audio-Technica turned many a head with the original ATH-MSR7 headphones, and now the firm is back with a new and improved special edition - the ATH-MSR7SE. The flagship headset takes all the features that made the original great - including impeccable audio and a premium finish - and makes it even more must-have.

The ATH-MSR7SE features a new premium aluminium housing along with an exclusive limited edition deep metallic navy finish with subtle deluxe gold accents. Wrapped in stylish dark brown faux leather, the earpads and headband have also been specially designed to provide ultra-soft padding for improved comfort over long listening sessions.

The Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7SE will be available in October 2017, priced £299.

Trim your hedges in micro scale with the Bosch Cordless micro chainsaw

If you happen to have a small garden space, or you're looking for a cutting tool that can give you precision over size, then Bosch has just the gizmo for you - the new EasyCut 12 micro chainsaw.

The NanoBlade technology enables freehand cuts even without clamping the workpiece, while the versatile design will have you safely sawing both inside and outside the home. It's diminutive size lends itself perfectly to performing quick and straight cuts, making it an ideal addition to your home gardening arsenal.

The Bosch EasyCut 12 is available now for £100, however this does not include the battery of the charger. The battery will set you back £34, and the charger will cost you £31.99.

Honeywell smart home integrations will now support Google Home

Honeywell continues to expand its connected home compatibility with the announcement that it will now be supporting integration with Google Home. Google Home is the latest in Honeywell’s Works With Honeywell program, which includes one of the most robust integrations with other smart home products and services available, such as Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, etc.

In addition to Google Home voice control, consumers can also control their Honeywell thermostats with Google Assistant on Google/Android devices. It's now possible to change the temperature of your home with your voice or just find out what the temperature is inside the home!

Click here for more information on the Works With Honeywell program and its growing range of product support.

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