Panda bedding helps you sleep better and feel better every day

Snuggle up with Panda, Britain's favourite luxurious bamboo brand. Their pillows, mattress toppers and bedding give you a slice of luxury, every single night…

Panda bedding, mattress, pillow, mattress topper
(Image credit: Panda)

One of the greatest gifts anyone could receive is a better night's sleep. Panda is the UK's favourite sleep brand and just like an actual panda, its power comes from bamboo. As you may know, bamboo can be ground and spun into an incredibly soft, environmentally-friendly fabric that moderates temperature and feels pleasingly soft to the skin.

Panda has clambered to the top of the bamboo bedding market by obsessing over every part of its creations, employing the highest quality materials, whilst minimising environmental impact. Panda's pillows, duvets, mattress toppers  and bedding collections offer fantastic value for money, backed by friendly and efficient customer service.

Panda bedding is good for the planet and great for you.

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Sheets, pillows, pillow-cases and duvets made from fabric derived from bamboo fibres do not feel tough and woody. Processed bamboo takes on a very soft, luxe feel. It's comparable to high quality cotton in terms of comfort, but also to polyester when it comes to ease of care. Its impact on the environment is much lower than either. That's why panda bedding is so comfy, convenient and sustainable.

As well as being ultra-sustainable and super-comfy, bamboo fibre is also naturally hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial – so you really can sleep easy.

Let's take a look at the range…

Panda Memory Foam Bamboo Pillow

Panda bedding, mattress, pillow, mattress topper

(Image credit: Panda)

Panda's memory foam pillow is a real game changer when it comes to a great night's sleep. It's so different to the norm that you might even think it's a little odd when you first see and feel it. It's deeper than many pillows and seemingly very firm.

However, one night should be enough to convert you. Sink your head into the Panda Memory Foam Bamboo Pillow and it subtly shifts to take the weight of your head and neck. The foam and sustainable, bamboo fabric cover in combination mean that it feels fabulously cool to the touch.

Over time you will find you sleep better, and even feel less aches and pains in the morning, as Panda's comfortable yet supportive Memory Foam Bamboo Pillow helps reduce misalignment of your neck, shoulders and spine.

It really has to be felt to be believed. You might have tried soft pillows and firmer, more supportive pillows in the past, but this is like both of them in one, beautifully finished product.

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Panda The Cloud Bamboo Duvet Cover

Panda bedding, mattress, pillow, mattress topper

(Image credit: Panda)

Panda's The Cloud is aptly named. Lightweight and gorgeous, this 10.5-tog duvet floats over you as you sleep, enveloping you in warmth and comfort, while the bamboo fibres help regulate your body temperature so you don't get too hot. Rather than being filled with traditional materials such as down, which is not eco-friendly, The Cloud uses a high-tech mix of bamboo fibre and nano microfibre. This unique blend helps to keep The Cloud Bamboo Duvet fluffier for longer.

As well as being made from sustainable materials, The Cloud is ethical, and suitable for vegans. It comes with a 5-year guarantee, backed by Panda's market-leading customer services team.

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The Panda Memory Foam (Hydro-Foam) Bamboo Mattress Topper

Panda Memory Foam (Hydro-Foam) Bamboo Mattress Topper

(Image credit: Panda)

As in the Bamboo Pillow, memory foam and Panda's sumptuous bamboo fabric work in perfect harmony, in The Topper. It's a mattress topper that is uniquely soft and comfortable, but also incredibly supportive. Memory foam has appeared in many top-selling mattresses in recent years because it’s incredibly supportive and comfortable, as well as being naturally hypoallergenic.

Panda’s unique combination of layered memory foam, cooling Hydro-Foam and a removable bamboo fibre cover will help you feel more rested. Just plonk it on top of your current mattress; it'll give a HUGE boost to the support and comfort it gives you. The Topper moulds to your body shape as you sleep, helping relieve hip and back pain. In conjunction with the Bamboo Pillow, The Topper will soon help you sleep better and awake more fully refreshed, and free from aches and pains.

Overheating during the night disturbs our precious REM sleep, leaving us feeling unrested in the morning. The Hydro Foam works alongside Panda’s natural temperature regulating bamboo cover. Ensuring that you’re comfortable and supported all night long, for the best night’s sleep possible.

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Panda 100% Bamboo Bedding

Let’s Stay in Bed Collection

Panda bedding, mattress, pillow, mattress topper

(Image credit: Panda)

Bamboo fabrics are not only wonderfully soft, they are also highly breathable and offer remarkable ‘climate control’ properties. In summer, the cooling properties of bamboo come into their own but now we're in deepest winter, bamboo also helps keep you warm.

Bamboo fibres are also naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic, which is very welcome news for allergy sufferers and anyone with kids.

Panda's bamboo-based sheets, duvet covers and pillow cases can be machine washed over and over, coming up sparkling every time even at lower temperatures, and becoming softer after every wash.

As with everything it does, Panda's bedding designs are timeless and smart. Sizes range from single to super king, and new colours are introduced every season.

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