Shopping for Air Jordans? Here's why you should buy your next pair on eBay

Be like Mike with an incredible selection of the hottest Air Jordans

Nike Air Jordan 4
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There’s no hotter sneaker in the world right now than Nike’s Air Jordan, with the shoe brand pocketing US$3.6 billion in revenue during the 2019/2020 fiscal year alone. 

Over the last few years, retro releases of Air Jordan sneakers have seen the brand’s popularity soar higher than the Jumpman himself, and ESPN and Netflix’s documentary series The Last Dance has also created an all-new generation of Jordan-obsessed sneakerheads.

Of course, with immense popularity comes increased demand, bringing about a set of hurdles which can make it difficult to get your feet into the latest Air Jordan release. For starters, it can be hard to gauge the authenticity of Air Jordans listed for purchase online, and making sure they aren’t stolen during transportation is another issue entirely.

Thankfully, the trusted online marketplace eBay wants to do away with these obstacles, offering sneaker collectors an Authenticity Guarantee (opens in new tab) that should provide them with some peace of mind when it comes to their next purchase of highly sought-after kicks. 

eBay now offers professional authentication, multi-point inspection and secure delivery for sneaker purchases over AU$150 at no extra charge, which is all part of an effort to make sure that you actually get what you ordered. These are just some of the reasons why you should buy your next pair of Air Jordans on eBay.

Check out these live eBay offers on the most popular Jordans:

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Nike Air Jordan 1 (opens in new tab)

The most classic silhouette in basketball sneaker history, Air Jordan 1 never goes out of style. Available in high-top, low-top and mid varieties.

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Nike Air Jordan 3 (opens in new tab)

Known as the sneaker to save the Air Jordan brand after the poorly-received AJ2s, the Air Jordan 3’s design is almost as iconic as the one that started it all.

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Nike Air Jordan 4 (opens in new tab)

Air Jordan 4 debuted during the All-Star Weekend in 1989, in which MJ scored a game-winning shot while rocking said kicks. Since then, AJ4s have been considered one of the greatest Air Jordan releases of all-time.

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Nike Air Jordan 11 (opens in new tab)

Michael Jordan wore AJ11s during his greatest season with the Chicago Bulls. Jordan has also gone on record as saying that the A11s are his favourite Air Jordans of all time.

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