Say goodbye to Apple’s legendary MacBook startup sound

Yup, Apple has ditched the power-on chime in its new MacBook Pro line

While there's plenty of excitement around Apple's new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, its famous startup chime has quietly been killed off.

In case you didn't know, as most people including us didn't, that sound was an F-sharp major note. Yup, something as simple as the right note has been indelibly associated with Apple startups for decades. And now there is silence.

The change was first spotted by tech site Pingie which noticed the lack of sound mentioned in a specific FAQ page - good eyes guys. It has since been confirmed that the sound is indeed missing from startup on new MacBook Pro models.

So what does this mean for other MacBooks? Will Apple kill the iconic startup chime in its older laptops with an update or will it simply mean all future laptops don't do it? This is all still unclear right now.

What is certain is that this means powering up the new MacBook Pro in a quiet meeting or classroom won't alert everyone with that loud sound that can't be shut off. On the flip side its real use, as a means of letting the user know there are no diagnostic issues, will be gone too.

The sound was actually adapted since it first appeared and it was the iMac G3 which developed that synthesizer noise we know today. Check it out below if you've forgotten it and be reminded of how well you actually know it. Then be ready to, potentially, say goodbye to it forever.

via pingie

Luke Edwards

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