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HP Omen 16
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We are already fans of the HP Omen 16 here at T3, ranking it in our list of the best gaming laptops. It's a solid mid-range choice, but this particular model is now at an unmissable price for Prime Day making it excellent value for money, with a whopping £600 off. 

The HP Omen 16 (n0001sa) is now £899 on Amazon, down from £1499. While it's not quite the same spec as the one I reviewed, it's still got plenty to shout about. If you're looking for the chance to take your favourite PC games on the move or want a desktop replacement then it can fulfil either purpose. 

HP Omen 16: was £1499 now £899 on Amazon

HP Omen 16: was £1499 now £899 on Amazon
Take your favourite PC games on the go without sacrificing performance with this gaming laptop. With a 16-inch144Hz display, 1TB of hard drive space and 16GB of RAM  this is an all-rounder that should run pretty much anything you throw at it.

Other gaming laptops can run into three, four or even five times the new price of this machine, but 99% of gamers won't really need to invest such astronomical sums. With an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 GPU and Ryzen 7-6800H processor, you should be able to play most games without any struggle. ‎With a 1920 x 1080 resolution and  144Hz refresh rate, the screen is more than enough to handle smooth frame rates while with Bang & Olufsen tuned speakers, games will sound as good as they look.

If you have a large Steam or Game Pass library, you'll know the struggle for storage, but the Omen has 1TB of space to fill, which should be ample, even if you're playing AAA titles. 

Battery life and battery-powered performance in gaming laptops is pretty poor across the board, but provided you don't stray too far from the charger you'll be impressed with the Omen 16's output. At this price, it's a genuine console alternative that also functions as a very capable computer. 

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