Samsung's 5-star monitor suddenly drops to lowest-ever price – gamers love it

A stunning gamer-friendly ultrawide monitor, with a stunning discount

Samsung Odyssey OLED G93SC monitor
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When we reviewed the Samsung Odyssey G93SC last year, we were impressed with everything it has to offer: a vast 49-inch OLED screen, the choice of port connection options, the tight 1800R curvature, and the winning aesthetic appeal of the hardware as a whole (complete with RGB lighting around the back).

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A monitor this good comes with a high price tag attached, but you can regularly find decent deals on the Samsung Odyssey OLED G93SC. But never one that's been this good! Amazon is running one right now, for a limited time, which sees the monitor drop to its lowest-ever price. As always, these deals can expire quickly, so check it out as soon as you can.

Samsung Odyssey OLED G93SC: was $1,599.99now $1,099.99 at Amazon

Samsung Odyssey OLED G93SC: was $1,599.99, now $1,099.99 at Amazon
There's now 31% off this excellent 49-inch ultrawide monitor from Samsung, offering a 240Hz refresh rate, 0.03ms response time, and much more. Just make sure you've got the desk space to accommodate the 32:9 aspect ratio it brings with it.

You can now pick up the Samsung Odyssey OLED G93SC for $1,099.99, which is the lowest price we've seen yet on Amazon. That's almost a third off the original price, and in our opinion it was already pretty good value – even at the higher figure – considering everything you get in return. Bear in mind how long it's going to last you, and we'd say it's absolutely worth the investment.

Whether you want to do some gaming on the 5120 x 1440 pixel screen or just open up a few spreadsheets, the performance is top-notch. Vivid colors, super-deep blacks, and crisply-handled motion were some of the features we gave special mention to in our review. There really isn't anything negative to mention, unless you prefer your monitors thin and light.

Gamers are going to be particularly interested in the 0.03ms response time and the 240Hz refresh rate on offer here, and of course games look fantastic when they're stretched across all of that expansive display (just be sure your favorite titles can support ultrawide monitors first). It makes gaming on other monitors look distinctly inferior by comparison.

If you're in need of a monitor upgrade, this could be the perfect time to get one – and what an upgrade it is, too. The monitor got 5-stars in our review, and it fully deserved that score. If you need some more buying inspiration, check out our guides to the best 4K monitors and the best gaming monitors.

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