Samsung 2022 TVs have dropped: 4K and 8K miniLED, massive microLED and more

The future of Samsung's QLED TVs just got a whole lot brighter

Samsung Neo QLED TV 2022
(Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung makes some of the best TVs around, and its TVs in 2022 have just been announced. The range includes 4K and 8K TVs as well as massive microLED displays, and there are some important changes to the system software too.

Let's start with the ones we can't afford. Samsung's The Wall microLED TVs are now bezel-free, and if you have truly frightening amounts of money lying around you can specify yours with a panel of up to 178 inches. 

But while the biggest displays are out of reach for most of us, the technology is starting to get smaller: in 2022 Samsung will offer microLED TVs in 110 inch, 99 inch and a small – by microLED standards – 89 inches. One day all TVs may be microLED, but for now they're far too big and far too expensive for most of us.

Samsung 4K and 8K TVs in 2022

According to The Verge, this year's best Samsung TVs will be mini-LED 4K and 8K TVs in the Neo QLED line but there won't be significant hardware changes. However, they will be brighter: Samsung says that upping the backlight from 12 bits to 14 bits delivers "significantly more accurate brightness" via 14-bit HDR mapping, and improved AI does a better job of separating the foreground from the background to deliver a greater sense of depth. 

Sadly Dolby Vision is still a big nope for Samsung in 2022.

If you're interested in the best gaming TVs, keep an eye on the 2022 Samsung's 4K TVs: it'll be delivering some models with variable refresh rates of up to 144Hz, AMD FreeSync Premium Pro support and with HDMI 2.1 ports supporting 4K 120Hz. There's also a new version of Samsung's Gaming Hub that aims to be a one-stop destination for console and cloud gaming.

Samsung really wants you to team up your TV with its own best soundbars, and this year's higher-end models will also include audio features including Object Tracking Sound, which makes the sound appear to be coming from a specific part of the screen, and Active Voice Amplifier so you can hear what's going on in Christopher Nolan movies.

Samsung TVs in 2022: big software changes

The 2022 Samsung TV range will still run Tizen OS, but the Home Screen has been completely revamped and looks more like Apple TV, aggregating content from multiple providers and offering personalised recommendations too. 

The new software will also offer Watch Together, a multi-view feature for sharing media with friends and family, and the feature we've all been demanding: NFTs. Soon your Samsung will provide a place for you to spend huge sums of money on JPEGs of monkeys, or as Samsung prefers to put it: "a groundbreaking platform that lets you browse, purchase and display your favourite art – all in one place."

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