Samsung TV deal cuts 5-star rated 4K HDR TV to £329 – its cheapest ever price!

Grab a 43-inch Samsung TV with fantastic 4K TV quality for the price… for an even lower price

Samsung TV deal at Amazon
(Image credit: Samsung)

We're always looking for the best TV deals available today, and this Samsung 4K TV offer is a cracker – it takes a TV we have the full five stars to and drops it to its lowest ever price.

You can now get the 43-inch Samsung AU7100 4K TV for just £329 at Currys – it's dropped another £40 recently, and originally cost £449.

View the £329 Samsung 4K HDR TV deal now at Currys (opens in new tab)

In our full Samsung AU7100 review, we said that this TV is "cheap 4K TV heaven" and "a top smart TV", too, that delivers "detailed, composed 4K images".

You get Ultra HD and HDR support, including the more advanced HDR10+ format, when available. It's great for gaming too, thanks one of the best and most responsive gaming modes around.

Here's the full details of the deal:

Samsung AU7100 43-inch: now £329 at Currys (opens in new tab)
The 5-star rated Samsung AU7100 4K TV gets a price drop to just £329, which is the lowest it's been. This is fantastic for a TV that delivers this level of sharpness and colour richness, and that comes with a top-tier smart TV platform, full of the essential streaming apps. The larger sizes are also down to ridiculous prices, and you can browse all the size option on the Currys page.

In our review, we said that the Samsung AU7100 "delivers bold and beautiful 4K images". We were also bowled over by its "good contrast and motion handling", "solid performance for gaming" and "great smart TV interface".

We ultimately said that for its price you couldn't do better… and now that price has come down further, so you're really getting bang for your buck now.

This deal is also excellent as it doesn't just offer the TV in one size but at every size across the entire range, with everything from the 43-inch panel up to the gigantic 75-inch screen available. So if you need serious screen real estate you can get it.

To check out the very latest prices on this TV at other retailers, be sure to check out the below deals chart.

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