Samsung’s new QuickDrive: the time machine you can buy today

Half the time for laundry, more time for you

Technology firms create all kinds of amazing things, but sometimes we wish they’d turn their talents towards making our everyday lives better. Never mind flying cars or spooky-faced robots: how about giving us more time that we can spend having fun?

It looks like Samsung feels our pain, because it’s gone and invented a time machine. It won’t transport you back to the age of the dinosaurs, but it’ll save you so much time you could train as a scuba diver. 

The technology is called QuickDrive and it manages to do something amazing: it’s got us excited about washing machines. It’s enormously clever, saves energy and best of all, cuts washing times by 50%* so you can do something more interesting instead. The secret? Science!

Shake it all about 

QuickDrive devices aren’t like conventional washing machines. Instead of a drum that only spins around, its huge main drum - the QuickDrive Drum - includes a pulsator (back plate) that moves the water back and forth to create a completely different dynamic. That motion quickly and gently agitates the load, thoroughly removing dirt for your WW8800 to deliver an intense wash cycle in half the time*.

That speed doesn’t mean sacrificing quality. Quite the opposite. Samsung’s ecobubble technology makes washing much more efficient too. It mixes air and water to generate tiny detergent bubbles, and those bubbles penetrate fabrics to deliver outstanding cleaning even at low temperatures. 

All QuickDrive models also include Q-Rator, a smart management system*** that helps you make the most of your appliance. From recommending optimal wash cycles for any load to helping you maintain your washing machine in good condition for longer, laundry is getting simpler by the minute.

Last but not least, there’s a solution to a very familiar problem: the odd sock you suddenly spot when you’re already halfway through the wash. 

With Samsung’s excellent AddWash system you can add items at any time**. That’s handy for more than the odd sock, too: it means you can add more delicate items later in the wash, saving you the hassle of having to wash them separately. That gives you something incredibly valuable: time. 

Over the course of a week you’ll save enough time* for a hefty hike; over a month, enough time for an overnight stay somewhere fun; and over a year you could use the time you’d normally spend washing to get your scuba diving certificate.

Tech for tomorrow, not just today 

Samsung’s QuickDrive devices are built to last. Samsung’s Digital Inverter Technology doesn’t just reduce noise, although it does that very well: it reduces energy usage and is so well engineered that the Association for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies in Germany has awarded it a 20-year durability certification.

There’s also a new anti-adhesion coating on the Anti-Scale Heater that means much longer life than traditional ceramic heaters, even in areas of very hard water. It’s no wonder that Samsung’s confident enough to offer a whopping 11-year warranty if you register within 90 days of purchase (terms and conditions apply). 

Pretty on the outside 

Samsung has paid as much attention to the outside as it has to the inside: as you can see from the photos QuickDrive products such as the range-topping WW8800M benefit from crisp, clean, modern looks that work well in any kitchen or utility room.

And it’s even better looking in the flesh, as you’ll discover if you pop along to Curry’s to see the WW8800M in all its glory. 

To find out more about Samsung’s innovative QuickDrive, QuickDrive Drum, ecobubble and AddWash technologies visit Currys PC World.

What will you do with the time you save?

* Samsung QuickDrive WW8800M vs Samsung WW8500K (5kg 40ºC Cotton wash).
** AddWash door can be opened at any time when the drum temperature is below 50ºC
*** Requires Samsung Connect, available on Android and iOS. Registration required.

This is a sponsored post in association with Samsung.

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