Samsung Neo QLED and OLED TVs revolutionise how you can game and watch the greatest sport this summer

Looking for the best TV you can buy? Samsung Neo QLED and OLED deliver class-leading tech resulting in untouchable image quality

Samsung QLED and OLED TVs
(Image credit: Samsung)

TVs are no longer primitive boxes that unnecessarily eat up space in your living room – they’ve become design focal pieces, somewhere to gather around with friends and family to watch the greatest sport, play the best games on your next-gen console, or stream the latest boxset. And if you want to do that in the best possible way, to treat yourself to an audio-visual extravaganza each time you switch the telly on, then you have to look at Samsung’s 2022 TV range – led by its Samsung Neo QLED models.

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But what’s the acronym about? Samsung’s Neo QLED TVs use the company’s mastery of Quantum Dot, meaning tiny dot-like LED lights illuminate the picture in a way that emits precise colour at much greater brightness than traditional competitors. You really have to see it to believe it: a Samsung Neo QLED panel such as the QN800B is like nothing you’ll have ever seen before. 

That really matters because when you’re hunkering down on the sofa to watch your favourite sports – and 2022 is the year of the FIFA World Cup – you don’t want the ball flying across the screen with distracting blooming trails around it like some kind of comet. Samsung’s Quantum Matrix Technology PRO technology makes sure that won’t happen, with backlight precision that’ll make the action seem like you’re actually there.

Samsung QLED and OLED TVs

(Image credit: Samsung)

The QN800B has another major feature to boast about too: it’s an 8K panel, meaning it has four times the resolution of a 4K panel. It’s so sharp, so future-proofed, that it’s a step beyond Ultra-HD and even at this 65-, 75- or 85-inch scale you’ll be unable to discern pixel from pixel.

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That kind of resolution is a boon for gamers, too, with the QN800B’s upscaling making games look sharper than ever, while Samsung’s Motion Xcelerator Turbo Plus ensures on-screen visuals always remain smooth. Not only is the resolution future-proofed, connectivity is too: with an HDMI 2.1 port ensuring you can next-gen game with variable refresh rate (VRR) support up to 120Hz*, which any player will know is a must-have for the ultimate gaming experience.

Sound is a huge part of Samsung’s Neo QLED package, with support for Dolby Atmos meaning object-based sound output for a more immersive audio experience. If you choose to upgrade with a soundbar such as the HW-Q990B (which has a whopping 11.1.4 channels) then the screen and surround system talk with one another thanks to Samsung’s Q Symphony technology, which adds the TV speakers into the mix too. 

*Supports VRR/4K@120Hz/8K@60Hz as specified in HDMI 2.1.

Samsung QLED and OLED TVs

(Image credit: Samsung)

All this is delivered with Samsung’s minimalistic design ethos, called Infinity One Design, where cables are hidden out of view thanks to a separate One Connect Box to neatly handle connections away from the TV itself. No longer do TVs need to messily use up your living room space.

View Samsung's Neo QLED and The Frame TV ranges at Currys

Ever a company to push the envelope, Samsung’s QD-OLED is an even newer technology for 2022, combining the benefits of OLED for a naturally bright and colourful picture, powered by Quantum Dot (that’s the ‘QD’ part). The Samsung S95B OLED uses self-illuminating pixels, so it will never suffer inaccurate backlighting, for a pristine cinema-like picture quality capable of the ultimate black levels. 

The Ultra-HD 4K image features Quantum OLED HDR powered by HDR10+ technology, too, so high dynamic range – the ability to show the deepest of blacks and brightest of whites at the same time – can be perfectly presented, and from any angle thanks to Ultra Viewing Angle and Samsung’s Anti-Reflection technology to hamper reflections from ruining your viewing experience.

Now the only conundrum you’re going to have is in deciding which one of these incredible screens should transform your living room for a summer of sport and gaming fun. Currys has some great offers as part of its jubilee promotion, so go check out the best prices now.

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