Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 just got a great free health tracking upgrade

It taps into an underused sensor to provide useful information

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One of the biggest benefits of a great smartwatch is the range of health tracking on offer. Whether you go old school and track your step count, or monitor your blood oxygen saturation, there's a whole host of tech on offer, which can keep you in the loop with your body.

Now, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 gets a great upgrade in this arena. Utilising the temperature sensor on the device, Galaxy Watch 5 users will now be able to track their menstrual cycle from their smartwatch.

The feature works by tracking the users' temperature when they first wake up. This can then be mapped over the course of the month, giving users accurate, data-driven insights around their cycle, including predictions for ovulation and fertility windows.

The watch will also use this information to make suggestions around lifestyle changes which could help users. Those prompts include scheduling time to relax or address fatigue, or working out to relieve pain.

To activate the feature, users need to head into the Samsung Health app and add details about their last cycle manually. Then, in the settings, check the "Predict period with skin temp" option, to start the process.

The data is displayed as a month-to-month graph in the Samsung Health app, giving you a quick insight at a glance. All of the data is stored securely and locally on your device, with encryption to prevent sensitive data from becoming available without permission.

The update is rolling out gradually across a host of markets, so don't panic if you haven't got access right away. As ever, keep an eye out over the coming weeks to snag the upgrade on your own device.

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