Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone range revealed: 3 models to wage war on new iPhones

Samsung plans "to release three flagship models at once"

Samsung Galaxy S10
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The Samsung Galaxy S10 will be released in three different models, code-named "Beyond 0", "Beyond 1", and "Beyond 2", which will offer different designs, screen sizes and camera specifications.

The news, which was originally reported by South Korean publication Etnews, and then relayed by the Samsung tipster Ice universe, reveals that the presumably more affordable base model, the "Beyond 0" device, will feature a flat 5.8-inch display and a single-lens rear camera.

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There will then be a "Beyond 1" device also with a 5.8-inch display (likely a new curved Infinity panel), but this phone will have a dual-rear camera system. This will likely be the stock Galaxy S10.

Finally, there will be a plus-sized S10, the "Beyond 2" smartphone, which will feature a 6.2-inch screen (again, presumably a curved Infinity panel) and a triple-lens rear camera system. Those who follow T3 regularly will recall that we called that the S10 would get the triple camera system weeks ago.

A three-model launch would be a radical departure from the norm for Samsung and, at least to us here at T3, seems like a direct riposte to Apple's expected three new iPhone devices this year, as well as a way to celebrate Samsung Galaxy's 10 anniversary.

"It is the first time that the Galaxy S series is divided into three models," Etnews writes. "Since launching the first Galaxy S smartphone in 2010, Samsung Electronics has released a single model that has been upgraded every year. Since 2015, Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge have been changed to multi-model launches, and Galaxy S9 has maintained its strategy of launching two models at a time this year. But next year, [Samsung plans] to release three flagship models at once."

Samsung Galaxy X

Samsung's Galaxy X folding phone is also tipped as arriving in 2019

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Of course, news reports out of South Korea have also indicated that Samsung's much-anticipated folding phone, the Samsung Galaxy X, will also see a release in 2019, raising the possibility of a four flagship phone showing next year from the maker.

While that sounds too good to be true, reports have indicated that the Galaxy X would be priced at the hyper-premium end of the market, meaning that it would not be a direct competitor to the S10 range financially, and it does seem to be true that flagship smartphone makers like Apple and Samsung are diversifying and augmenting their range models, too.

Three quality Galaxy S10 models to choose from, varying in price point, and a suite of all the features that T3 wanted to see? That would make the S10 the phone to beat in 2019.

And why are the phones code-named Beyond? That's a hint at Samsung's ambitions for the phones.