Samsung Galaxy S10 photo leak shows stunning true all screen display

This could be the ultimate display on any phone, ever

Samsung Galaxy S10 leak
(Image credit: Ice Universe)

The new Samsung Galaxy S10 may have just leaked in what could be one of the most exciting phone advances in years – a true all display screen.

The stunning display shown off in the photo could represent a new standard for smartphones of the future. This is presuming the photo is accurate.

The image comes from so-far reliable leakster Ice Universe who has a history of getting early access to Samsung devices. So we're very hopeful.

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As you can see this is a true all-screen display on the phone. That means a huge screen filling out the space that the actual phone's frame takes up. That does look like a Bixby button on the side suggesting this is indeed a new Samsung device.

The question then arises, where are the selfie camera, earpiece speaker and front facing-sensors? Samsung is rumoured to be working on an ultrasonic under-screen fingerprint reader – perhaps it has found ways to cram more than just that under the screen. 

The company was rumoured to be working on speaker tech that uses the phone's glass screen to emit audio. There is also a chance all the camera and sensor kit can pop up when needed, like on the Vivo Apex.

Samsung, being a screen manufacturer, should be able to create a stunning display – meaning what we're looking at here could be 4K as well as Super AMOLED. Expect some very exciting announcements from Samsung in January 2019, when this should arrive.