Samsung Galaxy S10 camera leaks with this DSLR feature

Background blur of bokeh is about to get taken to a new level

Samsung Galaxy S10

The Samsung Galaxy S10 has leaked again, this time revealing some amazing new camera features that take the bokeh blur we've come to know as Portrait Mode on some phones to another level.

The new camera leak comes via Digital Camera World, a superb source for such a reveal. The new mode was found in a trademark document which refers to the camera feature as Artistic Live Focus.

Bokeh is the effect that you can currently use to create a background blur which makes the person in the foreground stand out more clearly – it's a classic effect from using a DSLR camera. 

This new Artistic Live Focus should allow you to edit background shapes and lights to add even more sparkle. This new mode should also add motion to Live Photo images. 

The patent states that the feature will be used for, "creating digital animation and special effects of images." Check out an example of what that might look like below.


(Image credit: Digital Camera World)

Samsung will no doubt have lots more features to enhance the Galaxy S10 when it gets launched.

Expect to see plenty more details leak ahead of the reveal early next year.