Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Black Friday deal gets you phone FREE with HUGE data

This mind-blowing Black Friday mega deal delivers smartphone royalty and fantastic, data-rammed SIM plan

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Black Friday deal
(Image credit: Samsung)

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus is one of the absolute best phones on the market today, delivering a hyper-luxe package that, if anything, is too much phone for many users.

Right now, though, Affordable Mobiles have an incredible Black Friday deal on the handset, which allows you to grab the phone in either Aura Black or Aura Glow colourways for, literally, nothing up-front.

The phone comes with a massive data SIM plan from O2 as well, which delivers a great all-round package for an affordable month price point.

This is the best Note 10 Plus deal on the market, and for anyone who has had their eye on the hot new handset, the perfect early Christmas gift.

The full details of the deal can be viewed below:

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus | Up-front cost: £0.00 | 160GB data | Unlimited mins & texts | Monthly cost: £49.00 | Contract length: 24 months | O2 | Available now at Affordable Mobiles
This is a remarkable Black Friday deal on the hyper-luxe Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus. That's because it puts the phone in your hand for free up-front, and then delivers a sweet 24-month SIM plan from O2 that bags you a gargantuan 160GB of data, as well as unlimited minutes and texts, for £49 per month. The phone is available in Aura Black and Aura Glow colourways, and delivery is free.View Deal

In our official Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus review we described it as "an absolute beast of an Android phone", with us blown away by how "every single core aspect of the phone delivers, be that its hyper-premium hardware spec, stunningly luxe 6.8-inch AMOLED screen, large and long-lasting battery, or comprehensive camera system."

We then concluded that "when you factor in the Note 10 Plus' party piece, its S Pen digital stylus functionality, it really is hard to look past in terms of a phone to recommend and upgrade to."

Right now you can upgrade to this beast for, literally, zero expenditure out of the gate. And with that affordable, all-round killer SIM plan from O2, you're more than catered for in terms of allowances, too.

This is why we find it so easy to recommend this deal. It's a hyper-premium handset delivered alongside a quality SIM plan.

Like the idea of upgrading to the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus this Black Friday but would prefer to buy the phone SIM free and then add in one of the best SIM only deals on the market? Well, if so, be sure to check out the latest and cheapest prices available below: