Samsung Galaxy Buds 3 leak again, but aren't what we expected

Whatever earbuds we saw in previous leaks weren't the Galaxy Buds 3, because these look completely different

Galaxy Buds 3 leaked image
(Image credit: X / EvLeaks)
Quick Summary

The Samsung Galaxy Buds 3 have leaked and show a design that's very similar to Apple's AirPods 3 - and completely different to previously leaked images from other sources.

Leaker EvLeaks' treasure trove of leaked Samsung images have revealed a big surprise: the Samsung Galaxy Buds 3 bear absolutely no resemblance to previously leaked images. Those images showed a case and earbud design that looked extremely similar to AirPods Pro, but the detailed images that are now available don't share those looks. Instead, they're much closer to Apple's non-pro AirPods (3rd gen).

The leaked images also include a shot of the Samsung Galaxy B 3 Pro (below), and they don't look like the previous leaks either: they're much more stylish and while there's still an AirPods resemblance the design is different enough that they don't look like Apple clones. To my eyes, the standard Buds 3 do.

Samsung Galaxy Buds 3 Pro leak

(Image credit: X / EvLeaks)

Samsung Galaxy Buds 3: what we know and what we don't

To say there's a similarity between the Samsungs and the AirPods is a bit like saying the sun is quite hot or Scotland quite rainy, although in fairness to Samsung there are only so many ways you can combine the components of earbuds in such a small space. The most obvious difference is Samsung's use of little colour accents on the bottom of the stems, and when you turn them around there's a long line running down the length of the stem. It's unclear whether that line is just a design flourish or if it has a purpose; previous rumours suggested an LED strip or a touch sensor.

Unlike the previously leaked images there are no silicone ear tips here: these sit in your ears but not into your ear canals. The Buds 3 Pro are the ones to go for if you prefer a snugger in-ear fit.

Both sets of buds will be unveiled at Samsung Unpacked next month, which takes place on 10 July 2024. They won't be the main event, though: while they'll be revealed alongside a new version of the Samsung Galaxy Watch, the stars of the show are going to be the new versions of Samsung's folding phones. Both the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Galaxy Z Flip 6 will be unveiled at unpacked.

As with the phones, Samsung USA is offering discounts and a sweepstake for anyone who registers their interest on I've tried to find a page doing the same for UK customers but haven't been able to locate one so far: we'll let you know if Samsung UK adds its own.

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