Samsung claims SUHD TVs are ‘better than OLED’

Just don't call them quantum dots...

Don't call them quantum dots...

Samsung has been the market leading TV manufacturer for nine years now and its achieved that in two key ways.

Firstly by creating mostly excellent products, but secondly by marketing them very cleverly.

Only Samsung could turn a complete failure to master OLED as a panel technology into a marketing win, but that's exactly what it's done at CES this year.

It's calling its new 4K TV range 'S UHD' and it's claiming they're “better than OLED”. So it must be a groundbreaking new display technology, right? Wrong.

Samsung is using what sounds like the same quantum dot technology that all the other manufacturers are using to improve LCD TVs, but its marketing spin is once again one step ahead.

Firstly, by skimming over the fact that it doesn't know how to make OLED TVs properly and claiming that S UHD is better it's turned a loss into a w. And secondly by not even bothering to use the phrase quantum dot, thus differentiating itself even further from the brands around it.

We'll have a look at Samsung's S UHD TVs later in the week. Whether they're really better than OLED is extremely unlikely. But you've got to admire the spin.