PlayStation Classic full games list is finally revealed, but has your favourite retro title made the cut?

Anyone for a game of Tekken 3?

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Sony has finally confirmed the full list of 20 nostalgic video games that will be preloaded on its PlayStation Classic console – and there are some absolute doozies!

The PlayStation Classic is designed to look near-identical to the original PlayStation, albeit 45% smaller. It ships with two wired controllers, HDMI output to play on HD TVs, and 20 games, including the likes of Final Fantasy VII, Rayman, and Wild Arms.

The original, epoch-defining Sony PlayStation One launched back in 1994 (feel old yet?) and brought a swathe of instant classics that would spawn endless sequels that outlasted the console by decades, including Resident Evil and Metal Gear Solid.

The recent trend for diminutive versions of classic consoles was kickstarted by Nintendo with the launch of its NES and SNES Classic Mini machines, which both sold-out worldwide at launch. With rumours of a N64 Classic Mini on the horizon, Sony has decided to throw its hat into the ring.

PlayStation Classic will launch December 3, 2018 for £89.99 ($99.99). Ahead of the launch, Sony has released the final list of titles set to arrive with the console:

• Battle Arena Toshinden
• Cool Boarders 2
• Destruction Derby
• Final Fantasy VII
• Grand Theft Auto
• Intelligent Qube
• Jumping Flash
• Metal Gear Solid
• Mr Driller
• Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee
• Rayman
• Resident Evil Director’s Cut
• Revelations: Persona
• Ridge Racer Type 4
• Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo
• Syphon Filter
• Tekken 3
• Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six
• Twisted Metal
• Wild Arms

PlayStation Classic

Interestingly, the Japanese version of the PlayStation Classic is getting a very different line-up of titles – with eight PS One games that are not included on the European and US version of the classic console. 

These include Arc the Lad, Arc the Lad 2, Armored Core, Gradius Gaiden, XI [sai], SaGa Frontier, G Darius, and Parasite Eve.

PlayStation Classic is powered by USB cable, meaning that any port capable of 5W out, or via a USB-to-AC plug, is capable of powering the console. Video output can be switched between two resolution modes, 720p (1,280 x 720) or 480p (640 x 480).

The PlayStation Classic can be pre-ordered right now. In the UK the console can be pre-ordered from Amazon, GAME, HMV, and ShopTo. In the United States, PlayStation Classic can be pre-ordered from BestBuy, with Amazon purportedly coming soon.