Peloton comes to Sky Q, and that's a game-changer if you're working from home

Peloton on Sky Q is music to my working from home ears

Sky Q Peloton
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The integration of apps and services directly into the Sky Q user interface, so that they are all easily accessible in one place, is one of the service's biggest strengths. And now Sky Q's offering has just got even better as the Peloton App is now available directly through it.

Peloton, for those who remain in the dark, is a platform that brings the energy and benefits of studio-style workouts to the convenience and comfort of the home, with thousands of classes across a wide-variety of disciplines like Strength, Yoga, Cardio, Pilates, Barre, Meditation and more.

Basically, in simple terms, it is a great way to get to stay fit and healthy (both physically and mentally) when you're in your own home, which is where a lot of people are finding themselves right now. When you're working from home and don't get chance of a walking or cycling on the commute the need for some exercise is super important.

As such, the fact that Peloton is now available directly through Sky Q means that daily fitness classes into whatever you're into are now available through what is almost certainly the biggest screen in your home.

To access Peloton on Sky Q you can simply select the app from the Apps menu or simply say “Peloton” into your Sky Q voice remote to open the app, or say “fitness” or “Let’s get Physical” to discover an entire fitness destination page.

Speaking on the launch of Peloton on Sky Q Fraser Stirling, Sky's Group Chief Product Officer said that:

“Adding Peloton to Sky Q is incredibly exciting for our customers as it makes it easier to enjoy working out from home. Peloton joins Fiit, Netflix, Disney+, YouTube and many more favourites continuing to make Sky Q the home of all the entertainment you love, in one place.”

While Kevin Cornils, Managing Director International for Peloton, added:

“We’re excited to roll out the Peloton App on Sky Q. The Peloton App launched in 2018 and we’ve been continuously introducing new features and ways to access our content over time. Our latest launch on Sky Q makes our content even more accessible. Both new and existing Peloton Members can view our best in-class, studio-style workouts on the biggest screen in the home, enabling them to better experience our floor-based disciplines.”

For me, I see this as yet another arrow in Sky Q's TV service quiver, as now not only do you get seamless access to content from top streaming services like Disney Plus, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, but also a great way to stay fit and healthy when working from home or stuck inside on rainy weekends.

And, if you're into your cycling, then you absolutely should check out T3's Peloton Bike+ review, which we've dubbed the best exercise bike. Partner Peloton with this bike and you're in home workout heaven.

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