Nintendo to discontinue Aqua Blue 3DS console

Aqua Blue Nintendo 3DS portable games console to be removed from sale

Having helped launch the Nintendo 3DS last year, Ninty has revealed that it is to cease production of the Aqua Blue 3DS console

As the company introduces a selection of new console colours, Nintendo has revealed that it is to discontinue the original 'Aqua Blue' Nintendo 3DS model.

Having landed as one of the launch colours for Nintendo's 3D capable portable games console alongside the 'Cosmos Black' model, the Aqua Blue Nintendo 3DS is to be removed from sale as the Japanese gaming giant introduces a selection of new hues.

Making the announcement via the company's official website, Nintendo revealed that the Aqua Blue 3DS is “scheduled to end production shortly.”

Ensuring gamers are not left wanting, Nintendo currently offers six colour variants of the 3DS with the Aqua Blue and Cosmos Black models lining up alongside Ice White, Misty Pink, Flare Red and Cobolt blue offerings.

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Via: CVG