News@8pm: White iPhone 4 release date and unboxed

Plus: the real Android army and new PS3 console

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The white iPhone 4 stole all the headlines today as T3 received the smartphone's official release date. After months of delays and problems with peeling paint, Apple confirmed the handset's release for tomorrow, that's April 28th folks. If you want to check out what the smartphone looks like, clue: it comes in white, then we have got a video of it being unboxed for your viewing pleasure.


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On the Android front, the US Army has confirmed they will be developing a new Google-powered smartphone to help them blow stuff up even more effectively than before. With that revelation, the news that you can now video call between Android and iOS handsets seems slightly less exciting doesn't it?

The PlayStation Network was in further trouble this morning as a security firm Sophos advised all 77 million of the service's users to cancel their credit cards. Those users content to keep using the service will be able to thwart some famous actors turned zombie through the second Call of Duty: Black Ops DLC released on May 3rd.

Finally as Nintendo look forward to the release of the Wii 2, which looks likley to go up against a fresh version of the PS3, boss Satoru Iwata has expressed regret at the lack of third party support on the orginal Wii.