News@8pm: iPhone 5 specs leak and 4G headed to the UK

Plus: iPad 2 delays confirmed and Experia Play up for pre-order

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Spring is here and iPhone 5 specs are inevitably the talk of the town. Besides our own exclusive images showing that there might well be white and silver iPhone 5s The China Times has also been hinting at some rather insider information although as usual it must be taken with a generous serving of salt. Hot items on the list are a larger 4 inch display, NFC chip technology and a metal housing. If this is true it will mark the most major change to the form factor of the iPhone since its introduction in 2007. Whilst reports suggest that you might have to wait until September or even later for the iPhone, a recent spotting of Samsung's Galaxy Tab 8.9 at CTIA indicate that we won't have to wait much longer to hear about that device. It looks a great deal like its older brother and an earlier snap of the spec sheet suggests that this will be a decent entry into the tablet market. Lets just not mention the massive elephant in the room hey?


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Expect to wait just a little bit longer than planned if you were one of those hoping to be clutching an iPad 2 in your loving embrace at 9am this friday. Despite Apple's flagship London store confirming just this morning that the stocks would be in place by 9am, Friday, Apple has issued a press release indicating that the iPad 2 will not be available in Apple stores until 5pm. So it looks like the line campers will have to scrap the "maintenance work on the tube" excuse and take off the whole day. Those of you not tempted by Apple's shiny new offering and choosing to cast your gaze over less trodden pastures will be pleased to hear that the Blackberry Playbook is one step closer to market. Although still no word on a release date, the Playbook has gone up for pre-order in the US at $500 for the 16GB Wi-Fi model. We'll see if the Playbook can do enough to keep itself above water in the frenzy surrounding the iPad 2 launch.

Amazon in trouble on the opening day of its Appstore. The service which will be competing against Google's own Android Market has already attracted the attention of Apple's lawyers who dislike the uncanny similarity between Appstore and App Store. Despite this Amazon steamed straight ahead andlaunched the Appstore in the US anyway alongside a free copy of Angry Birds Rio for allcomers.. If only the Apple Lawyers could be as easily charmed by a free Android app. If you're looking for a new phone on which to enjoy the Playstation Suite we told you about yesterday, then look no further than Vodafone - the mobile network has thrown up a Sony Ericsson Xperia Play pre-order page. If you haven't seen the new ads for the phone starring Kristen Schaal then check them out, they're sure to make your day roughly 25% more strange.

Ofcom sparked hope in the hearts of UK speed freaks with promises that in 2012 they will finally get the ball rolling on 4G networks in our forgotten isles. Whilst on the face of it this seems like fantastic news, there is a bitter taste left in the mouths of mobile users who remember when the US kickstarted its own 4G network rollout all the way back in the misty, forgotten days of 2008. Ofcom claims that through the use of caps it has ensured that the 2012 spectrum auction will maintain balanced competition in the mobile industry. Those wondering what took so long can blame the prolonged analogue to digital TV switchover which will eventually clear space for the 4G bands. Whilst Ofcom awaits the finalisation of the TV switchover, car-maker Ford is eagerly preparing for the radio switchover to digital scheduled for 2015. Even with almost four years left on the clock Ford is taking the role of teacher's pet of the car industry and ensuring that all Ford cars will have DAB radios as standard by the end of 2012.