News@8pm: Apple 3D and Google TV UK launch

Plus: BBC iPlayer released globally

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Tech giant Apple has thrown its weight behind the 3D movement after being awarded a patent for a glasses-free 3D projection system which allows users to view 3D content from any viewing angle. Well, you couldn't really see Jonathan Ive and Steve Jobs taking to the stage in those cumbersome glasses, could you? Apple's slow burner Ping will be willingly cast into the spotlight after it secured the exclusive premiere of Michael Jackson's posthumously released track, 'Much Too Soon'. If you needed reminding, Ping offers users the opportunity to follow their favourite artist and share playlists.


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Microsoft has given the official stamp to its Xbox Live Rewards scheme in the UK. It offers gamers the chance to bank free MS points whenever they renew memberships, make certain purchases or take surveys. In MS world, points mean virtual cash prizes for whatever takes your fancy. One of Xbox's biggest success stories, Halo: Combat Evolved, is being given an HD quality makeover in 2011 to celebrate a decade of the Halo brand, according to sources.

The BBC has confirmed that it will roll out a colossal US launch of iPlayer based on a subscription model. No surprises for guessing the first platform to get a taste, yes, it's the iPad. The service has been pegged for a mid-2011 launch. Another TV manufacturer offering Festive cheer is LG, who have teamed up with Sky to offer £300 off a few of their top-end 3DTV models. The only pre-requisites are that you are Sky subscriber and you buy from an approved retailer.

Sony will launch its Google TV service early next year. Sources in Sony have said it will start shipping Internet TVs exclusively in Spring. Google TV aims to integrate web video, regular TV and regular websites. In more news from Mountain View, Google has announced it will be making Google Doodles compatible with smartphone browsers. The only minor snag is phones will have to be running Apple iPhone iOS 3.0 or Android devices, running 2.0 or later.