New MIT project will let you track your heart rate with a pill

Keeping tabs on your ticker couldn't be simpler with this oral innovation in heart rate monitoring

Sometimes you read a piece of news and realise we're this close to a real life Innerspace. Okay, technically we're not quite at the stage where we can shrink the real Dennis Quaid down and inject him inside Martin Short but a group of researchers and scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have managed a startling feat - the world's first ingestible stethoscope.

The miniature sensor, which has currently been tested with success on pigs, is swallowed and travels down the GI (gastrointestinal tract) where it sits and uses a special microphone to measure the acoustic beats echoing from your heart. The nifty little bit of kit can use this functionality to track both heart and breathing rates, and beam them straight back to your doc for wireless bodily updates.

So the big question is does it work us homo sapiens? The engineers behind the project recently published their paper on PLOS One (a free science resource for academic papers) and are hoping to start using these prototypes in human trials in the near future.

Via: Gizmodo

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