New iPhone XS pricing revealed before the official launch event

It looks like your piggy bank is about to take a kicking

iPhone XS leak
(Image credit: Ben Geskin)

The new iPhone XS has leaked again just as Apple is about to make everything official at its September 12 launch, and this time it's the price that has been revealed.

Ever reliable leakster Ben Geskin appears to have laid his hands on a price list for all the new iPhone XS models, even that affordable iPhone XC. It's good news for your savings no matter what you need – or should we say want?

As you can see, the replacement for the current $999 (£999) iPhone X is cheaper since the iPhone XS is priced at $899 (hopefully that at least equates to £899 as the current international pricing relations works).

The new larger iPhone XS Max, which is rumoured to cram in amazing specs at the same price of $999 as the current iPhone X. Considering you should get a larger screen and better camera, according to rumours, this sounds like a pricing win – if any phone at that price can be considered a win.

Finally there's that much rumoured budget iPhone XC which appears to start at $699. For a notch screen and decent Apple specs which are rumoured that's not too bad at all, when compared to the current iPhone X. 

Apple is due to launch all the new iPhone models for 2018 at its launch event on September 12.